Transcript of Inquisitor's Memoirs (page 9)

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Inquisitor's Memoirs 9

The chamber wasn't large, but it felt vast. Staring into it, my stomach churned. It was not unlike the terror of standing on the crumbling precipice of a cliff. And yet something compelled me onwards, into the room.

The chamber was dominated by a single structure, a strange monolith hovering in the air. At the centre of the monolith there seemed to be a swirling vortex of some kind and from it came the whispering voice.

Its words were starlight and dazzled me as it spoke. It promised me everything I wanted: the evidence needed to convict Sliske, the chance to get my family back, everything I'd ever dreamed... if I would only touch the monolith. It was intoxicating. But I am an Inquisitor, and we do not give in to simple temptation. I steeled myself and turned away, and my gaze fell upon Kolton. His eyes were wide in equal parts wonder and horror and I felt the monolith reaching out to him, using the Shadow Realm as arms. In a flash, I saw the last vestige of sanity torn from his mind and he fell into a stupor on the floor, drooling like an animal. I felt its attention turn back to me.

'What are you?' I found myself whimpering, desperate to comprehend the incomprehensible.

'Vos,' it said, as though this were a sufficient answer.

As I felt the whispering voice reach out to me, promising me everything, I found myself less and less able to deny it. Its needs were so simple, all I had to do were to touch the monolith and to open that crack in the world just a fraction more. I just had to let more of it in. It was so reasonable. So simple. How could I deny it that when it promised me everything in return?

Fortunately, Zaros intervened.

The fury of a god is the stuff of legend. It is the fire that burns mountains into ash and tears apart moons. I would have understood raw, unleashed fury. But Zaros's rage was so perfectly controlled - so locked away - that it became a heavy weight pushing me down. His demeanour did not change and his voice was as calm and implacable as it always was, but it permeated the air, the building, and my very bones. With a snap, the monolith closed tight. It had barely opened - the difference between closed and open was imperceptible. But now that compulsive feeling was gone, and only the rage of a god bore down on me.

I knew now that this was a sacred place. A place belonging only to Zaros. A place where he could enact his divine will without interference or distraction. In our blind curiosity, we had trespassed upon this ground.

In the days to come, Zaros began to restrain the power and reach of the Inquisition. We were denied the use of the statues and we were far more restricted in our duties. The Praetorians picked up the slack and as we diminished, their flame grew brighter. Each time I saw Sliske, I saw that maddening grin - that jester's smile that belied a cold, cruel and calculating mind. He had destroyed us with a whisper, and I had been such a fool.

Poor Kolton never regained control of his mind. It made him the perfect sacrifice for that cruel Mahjarrat ritual. Sliske had destroyed me and guaranteed his safety from the sacrifice for at least another few centuries.

It will not surprise you to learn that I was stripped of my title as Inquisitor. I don't blame them. It was my curiosity that led to our downfall and cost us a good soldier. Now, I find myself now alone and mostly forgotten, as it should be. The only problem is I keep hearing the whispering voice calling to me. Even now as I write this I hear that beautiful song, urging me to find it again.

This time, though, there is no god to stop me.

Its asks so little and its song is so beautiful.