Transcript of Inquisitior's Memoirs (page 8)

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Inquisitor's Memoirs 8

It took all the magic at our disposal to bring us deeper into the Shadow Realm, deeper than I had ever been. I was disappointed perhaps to see that it didn't appear so different to our own realm. But it did feel different.

Still, in this deeper part of the Shadow Realm I saw no sign of Sliske, nor his heretical cult. The four statues in the room had changed, however. Before they had been silent lumps of inanimate rock, but now I saw in them a vitality - a movement I had not witnessed before. Clearly they were under some form of enchantment, and I caught the stench of Sliske's inane humour. As I approached the statue to the north east, its face twisted into a mocking mask which glared down at me and spoke in Sliske's irritating voice.

'Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.'

Confused, I began to consider my response, when I heard Kolton sigh behind me. I turned to see him shake his head and respond with the phrase 'Vincit qui se vincit.'

In reply the statue nodded and turned its face away and fell silent. I turned to Kolton, and gave him a questioning look.

'It's an old motto,' he said. 'Sliske and I would psyche ourselves up for a battle by repeating those words as a mantra. It makes sense that he would use them as part of all this.'

His expression was as unreadable as the stony features of any Mahjarrat, but I understood the sorrow it must be hiding. Sliske was his friend, and this phrase was like a signature on a confession, proving that Sliske was up to something - here, at this most sacred of places. But we needed to know what before we could continue, and so we visited the second statue. As before, this one wore a mask, though it was dour and melancholic.

'Sic semper tyrannis.'

'Oderint dum metuant.'

As the mask's face fell away from the statue, we felt a sensation dragging us down. When it had finished, we found ourselves in a room we had never seen, staring into a hole in the Universe.