Transcript of Inquisitior's Memoirs (page 3)

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Inquisitor's Memoirs 3

It is odd to feel doubt when you have seen your god in person. True, one as lowly as myself only saw a glimpse of him from beyond the crowds, but there was no denying him. Zaros is very real and very present. Yet still I confess that doubt had begun to creep into my mind and wrap its slimy tendrils across my soul. For though my investigation had proved fruitless, though the rumours seemed to be the whispers of only a handful of nobodies, they had found their way into my thoughts and I could not shake them.

The truth was I had not seen our god for quite some time. Months, at least. Had it been years? His throne sat perpetually empty, and his hollow priests were locked into habits and dogma.

We never said anything of it of course, but I know Kolton was afflicted as was I. The people could not see it, but we - the faithful - were closer to Zaros and could see horrible glimpses of the truth.

Zaros wasn't there.

I began to wonder what fate could have befallen him. Zaros had slain another deity in the past: the destruction of Loarnab is a most sacred part of our canon. Could it be that Zaros had been slain by another - stronger - deity? There had been rumours of a powerful god elsewhere on this world, slumbering deep beneath the surface. A terrible, wicked blasphemer by the name of Guthix. Could it be that our lord faced this being and lost? No, even as I write this I know it to be nonsense. Our god is alive. So, what does that mean? Is his attention locked into divine experimentation? We know that Zaros seeks to further our grand civilisation. Could he be creating mighty technologies to ascend us further?

These thoughts comforted me against the infectious heresy. But the balm soothed only a short time, for a more logical and far simpler thought blossomed in the dark parts of my mind.

Zaros simply didn't care.