Transcript of In Memory of the Myreque

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This transcript involves dialogue with Veliaf Hurtz and the player.

In Memory of the Myreque[edit | edit source]

Initial Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Veliaf, is that really you?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I would say 'well met', Player, but I have run out of pleasantries. The Myreque - my friends - are gone. My fight is over.
  • Player: Is there nothing I can do to help, to convince you otherwise?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I am afraid not. All I wish to do now is honour the memory of my fallen comrades. The blood of the covenant made us family, but now I am alone.
  • Player: There's still Ivan - Paterdomus isn't far, we could visit toget-
  • Veliaf Hurtz: No! The boy is best off under the protection of others than with me. In my wanderings I have discovered this run-down sundial, however.
  • Player: Huh, it's funny... I've never really noticed it before. What about it?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: I was thinking it could be restored, and turned into a memorial to the Myreque. They are best here, standing ever vigilant. Also, the vyres don't come out this far, so a memorial here is less likely to be vandalised. Would you assist me in building it, old friend?
    • Yes.
      • Player: Of course I'll help. What is required?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Well, I'd like to put your crafting and construction skills to the test first. I'm no sculptor. Before then, however, I shall need to prepare a plinth for each statue. I'll have the first ready tomorrow, then a new one each day. Happily, that also allows us time to pay each fallen Myerque the proper reverence.
      • Player: What do I need to sculpt a statue?
      • Veliaf Hurtz: A gnome I met outside Canifis suggests granite - two 5kg blocks per statue should suffice.
      • Player: Got it! So, starting tomorrow, I'll bring a couple of large granite blocks, and you'll have a plinth ready for me.
    • Not right now.

Conversations Afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • What are we doing again?
    • Veliaf Hurtz: We are honouring our fallen brothers and sisters of the Myreque. Each day, I shall ready a new plinth upon which you can build a granite statue in the likeness of one of your number. Then, as each statue is readied, we shall pay it due reverence, with an object of remembrance and a single blisterwood sickle.
  • About building statues...
    • First day and when there is no plinth ready
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Come back tomorrow and there'll be a new plinth for you to build on.
    • Before building the first statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Let's build Sani's statue first - she was first to fall, at the hands of Vanstrom. Use the plinth at the 1 o'clock position.
    • Before building the second statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Harold was next, only a split second after Sani. Use the plinth next around from Sani's.
    • Before building the third statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Then it was Andiess - you were there, not me. Build his statue adjacent to Harold's.
    • Before building the fourth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Let's build one for Flaygian next. We're still not certain of his fate, but in these lands, missing is as good as dead.
    • Before building the fifth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: And now the beginning of the fall - Kael, lost to the ferocity of those accursed venators, lost on Vampyrium.
    • Before building the sixth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Mekritus was murdered soon after, another victim of Lord Drakan's venator pack.
    • Before building the seventh statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Now Radigad, who stood bravely in the face of certain death to protect his friends and allies.
    • Before building the eighth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Vertida... Poor Vertida. We were so close, but he was lost to Drakan's bloodlust and brutality.
    • Before building the ninth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Polmafi may still be out there, somewhere. If I could but return to Vampyrium...but we'll honour him just the same.
    • Before building the tenth statue
      • Veliaf Hurtz: And finally, my good friend Safalaan.
  • About adding items...
    • Veliaf Hurtz: We should adorn each statue with an item of remembrance, in addition to a single blisterwood sickle. Bring both items together to add them.
    • No statue built
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Let's build some more statues first. In the meantime, perhaps just ensure you've prepared enough blisterwood sickles.
    • Sani
      • Veliaf Hurtz: You know how Sani used to dye her hair? Crushed blamish blue shells - the pointy ones for preference. Bring one of those.
    • Harold
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Harold used blamish dye for our tattoos too, applied with nail beast nails - could you get one of those?
    • Andiess
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Andiess's body armour was made out of swamp snake hide - could you fashion a snakeskin body for his statue?
    • Flaygian
      • Veliaf Hurtz: In honour of Flaygian's ingenuity, I wondered if you might lay your old Ivandis flail by his statue.
    • Kael
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Kael was always losing one of his shoes or the other. I think he'd appreciate a reliable part of boots in the afterlife. Shall we say a pair of rune armoured boots? You could smith those yourself.
    • Mekritus
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Mekritus was always fretting about one thing or another. The only thing that ever calmed him were Mort Myre pears. They're hard to come by, even harder to deliver into Meiyerditch, but they have medicinal properties that quelled his nerves for a time.
    • Radigad
      • Veliaf Hurtz: He was a tough son of a vyre, but I bet you didn't know old Radigad was just as tough on the inside... No doubt due to drinking that rotgut - Moonlight Mead - all the time. I'm pretty sure the pub in Canifis serves that swill; Radigad would appreciate something to drink in the afterlife
    • Vertida
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Though all the statues should wield the symbolic Myreque sickle, Vertida really deserves a different weapon in order to honour him fully. And for that, it would have to be a blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow. He preferred that even to his trusty old bow!
    • Polmafi
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Before joining the Myreque, Polmafi was foremost a scholar and historian. Perhaps some light reading for him?
      • Player: How about a book about the history of Morytania? I'm sure I either have one of those or could find one in Paterdomus's library.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: That sounds perfect. If you forgot where it is. I'm sure Ivan could remind you.
    • Safalaan
      • Veliaf Hurtz: And now my closest firend, Safalaan. He may have been older than me, but he made so many mistakes it was hard not to view him still being a child. Now knowing of his heritage, perhaps he really still was a child - at least in icyene terms. His most consistent trait was one of faith - not in gods, but in our cause. Still, something holy might symbolise that faith.
      • Player: Might I suggest holy water? It has the added bonus that vyres aren't too fond of it.
      • Veliaf Hurtz: Ha! I like it - that sounds perfect. A vial of holy water it is!
  • About paying respects...
    • Veliaf Hurtz: When you've added items to each statue you can pay your respects at any time. It helps me renew my faith. If you begin with Sani's statue and work your way around, remembering each lost comrade in turn and how they were lost to us, I think you might find the experience rewarding...
    • Up until the end of 8th May, you can unlock early bird XP based on the rewards from the Myreque quest series to date.
  • Cancel.
    • (dialogue ends)

After Safalaan's statue is built[edit | edit source]

  • Veliaf Hurtz: Thank you, Player. I...I have no words other than thanks.
  • Player: What about statues for you and Ivan?
  • Veliaf Hurtz: All in good time, my friend - we're not dead yet. I'm going to stay here a while longer, maybe clear out some of these blasted ghouls.

Attempting to built additional statues[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Veliaf said to leave the last couple of plinths for himself and Ivan.