Transcript of In Aid of the Myreque journal entry

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  • After talking to Veliaf and getting some information from him about someone called Ivandis, I was tasked with the responsibility to create a new base of operations for the Myreque. I went to the south of Morytania to a place called ‘Burgh de Rott’.
  • I managed to get myself inside the village, though the locals were quite resistant to begin with. I then set about clearing out an Inn basement in the hopes that we could use it as a base of operations. Once I'd cleared out the Inn basement, the locals asked me to fix up the town for them. I fixed the general store, the bank and the furnace.
  • Unfortunately, as soon as the furnace was lit, it attracted the unwanted attention of Vanstrom Klause and his blood tithe collector Gadderanks. They soon found the village and set up a blood tithe station in the general store.
  • With the help of Veliaf, I was able to fight off Vanstrom and his Juvinate henchmen and we moved the rest of the Myreque, with the exception of Ivan, down to ‘Burgh de Rott’.
  • I took Ivan to the temple in order that he can be kept safe and away from harms way. However, I then talked to Drezel and he seemed quite cagey when I asked him about Ivandis. Eventually Drezel gave me a key to a hidden library.
  • I searched the library and found some books which helped me to figure out the last resting place of Ivandis. When I found the tomb, I was able to make a perfect mould of Ivandis Rod. I made a copy of the rod using Silver, Mithril and a Sapphire.
  • Once I'd made the rod, I cast an enchantment on it and then I placed it in the well in Saradomin’s temple on the Salve. This gave it the magical power it needed to fight the Juves and the Juvinates.
  • I brought the ‘Rod of Ivandis’ to Veliaf who was incredibly impressed with it. I'm not sure if I'm part of the Myreque yet, but I think this has helped to get me a step closer.