Transcript of Impressing the Locals journal entry

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  • I spoke to Trader Stan in Port Sarim about the Skulls pirate named Jed. He's asked me to captain his newest ship, but first I need to gather a crew,
  • I've managed to hire a quartermaster (Mr Gully, and his pet seagull Steven), a navigator (Umi's sister, Jemi - a seasinger) and a bosun (Sergeant Evie Higgs of the Kinshra).
  • I returned to Trader Stan and told him that I've hired a crew. Were now ready to sail the Sarim's Revenge to the Arc and deal with Jed, recover Stan's stolen property, and rescue Evie's brother.
  • I can now travel to the Arc whenever I like, by talking to Quartermaster Gully on the pier south of the pub in Port Sarim.