Transcript of Imp Catcher

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This transcript involves dialogue with Wizard Mizgog, Melancholic Imp, Sanguine Imp, Choleric Imp, Phlegmatic Imp, and the player.

Starting out[edit | edit source]

Talking to Wizard Mizgog[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Mizgog: My beads! Where are my beads?
    • Can I help you?
      • Wizard Mizgog: Wizard Grayzag next door decided that he didn't like me for some reason, so he enlisted an army of imps. The imps stole all sorts of things. Most of there were things I don't really care about like eggs, balls of wool, things like that... But they stole my magic beads! There was a red one, a yellow one, a black one, and a white one. The imps have spread out all over the kingdom by now. Could you get my beads back for me?
        • (Quest noticeboard opens)
          • Accept Quest.
            • Wizard Mizgog: The imps will be all over the kingdom by now. You should kill any imps you find and collect any beads that they drop. I need a red one, a yellow one, a black one, and a white one.
            • Wizard Mizgog opens his mouth to elaborate, then glances nervously at the door and quickly closes it again.
            • Wizard Mizgog quietly scribbles a note and discreetly hands it to you. He presses a forefinger against his lips, then taps the side of his nose.
          • Not Right Now.
            • (Dialogue ends)
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Talking to Wizard Grayzag[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Grayzag: You're an imbecile! Do you really think you'll find four beads among the thousands of imps I control? Good luck. Ha!
    • 1. Is that your demon?
      • Goes to none quest dialogue.
    • 2. I'll find them.
      • (Dialogue ends)

The Melancholic Bead[edit | edit source]

  • Melancholic Imp: I've made a terrible mistake. I wish I'd never come here. Oh, woe is me.
  • Player: What's making you so miserable?
  • Melancholic Imp: I wanted to do a good job for Wizard Grayzag, but I've only made a mess of things. He's gonna be so disappointed with me.
    • 1. Why do you care what Grayzag thinks?
      • Melancholic Imp: He summoned me. By the terms of our contract, I gotta perform his task to be dismissed. Now I may never get home to me family. Oh, how I miss 'em.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • 2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
      • Melancholic Imp: I can't help it. I just feel so guilty! Oh, you wouldn't understand.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • 3. Why would he be disappointed?
      • Melancholic Imp: He gave me a bead to look after, and I've only gone and eaten it! What kind of an idiot would do that?
      • (Continues below)
    • 4. Goodbye
      • (Dialogue ends)
  • 1. Why did Grayzag give you the bead?
    • Melancholic Imp: I suppose he thought I'd take good care of it. Oh, what's the use? It's all pointless.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • 2. Some days you'll have setbacks. Tomorrow is a new day.
    • Melancholic Imp: You're right. It can only get better from here. Unless I screw up again tomorrow.
    • (Continues below)
  • 3. I guess you're that kind of idiot.
    • Melancholic Imp: You're right. I deserve to be trapped here forever. I'm such a failure.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • 4. Goodbye
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • 1. Take your time. No one is rushing you to feel better.
    • (Continues below)
  • 2. You're just looking for attention.
    • (Dialogue ends)
    • Melancholic Imp: I don't mean to cause no fuss. I know you have better things to do with your time. I can't seem to get over feeling miserable. I feel so helpless.
  • 3. The only one you're hurting is yourself.
    • Melancholic Imp: I seserve to be hurt. I messed up Wizard Grayzag's spell, and I dunno how to fix things. I'm unimportant and worthless.
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • 4. Goodbye
    • (Dialogue ends)
  • Melancholic Imp: Thank you. I appreciate your help. This feeling won't last forever. I just have to do the best I can, one day at a time.
  • A gurgling erupts from the imp's belly.
  • Melancholic Imp: Oops! 'Scuse me.
  • Melancholic Imp: I think something I ate disagrees with me. Uhoh, incoming!

The imp throws up and the Melanchotic bead falls out of his mouth.

  • Happy Imp: Wow! I'm glad I got that out. I feel so much better.

Talking to the happy imp before taking the bead.

  • Happy Imp: I'm not touching that bead again. It's covered in sick, and it made me feel so trapped in me own thoughts. I don't wanna feel that broody again.
  • You retrieve the melancholic bead and miserably wipe up the disgusting imp vomit.
  • Happy Imp: Ta for lifting me spirits. You were there when I needed help the most.
  • Player: So what made you so pensive?
  • Happy Imp: Wizard Grayzag ordered me to steal some beads from a kindly old wizard. I felt awful about it, but I had to obey his orders. That's the power the summoning ritual has over us imps.
  • Happy Imp: Azacorax taught him how to summon us, and demons don't share powers unless it's in our own interest.
  • Happy Imp: I think the demon of the Wizard's Tower is influencing Wizard Grayzag, tempting his guardian with power.
  • Player: Why to turn him against the other wizards?
  • Happy Imp: I dunno. But these beads seem to be key to Azacorax's plan. They're safer in your hands.

The Sanguine Bead[edit | edit source]

  • Sanguine Imp: Gotta-guard-the-bead-gotta-guard-the-bead-gotta-guard-the-beat-gotta-guard-the...
  • Sanguine Imp: Oh! 'Ello! Don't-mind-me-I-ain't-done-nuffin'-dodgy.
  • Player: Hello, you excitable little imp. What was that you said about a bead?
  • Sanguine Imp: Er! Dat-weren't-me! I-ain't-got-no-bead-not-me-no-sir!
  • The imp lets out a loud belch. The air smells like iron, and his lips are stained with blood.
  • Sanguine Imp: Go-on. You-can-search-me-if-you-like. You-won't-find-a-thing-I-tell-ya!
  • Player: Why are you talking so fast? I can barely understand you.
  • Sanguine Imp: I-dunno-guv! I'm-just-fulla-ruddy-energy-I-am! Me-heart's-pounding-like-a-drum!
  • Player: I think I know how to fix this. How about I help you work off that excess energy?
  • Sanguine Imp: What, you-mean... EXERCISE?
  • Sanguine Imp: I've-heard-'bout-EXERCISM. It-don't-go-well-for-us-demons.
  • Player: No, no. I want to exercise you. Not exorcise you.
  • Player: I challenge you to race around the air altar. That should tire you out.
  • Sanguine Imp: I-accept! Last-one-there-is-an-extra-large-egg!
  • On your marks...
  • Get set...
  • GO!
  • From here the imp will say in yellow overhead text:
  • Eat-my-dust!
  • 1!
  • 2!
  • *GASP* 3!
  • 4!
  • 5!
  • *GASP* 6!
  • 7!
  • *gasp* 8!
  • 9! *gasp*
  • *gasp* 10!
  • 11! *gasp*
  • *gasp* 12!
  • 13! *gasp*
  • *gasp* 14!
  • 15! *gasp*
  • I win!
  • You won the race!
  • You lost the race!
  • Checkpoint X/16
  • Sanguine Imp: You've done... worn me out. *pant* Great...race...*gap*mate.
  • Sanguine Imp: Phwoar. I feel a bit... woozy... Hang on a sec.

The imp throws up and the Sanguine bead falls out of his mouth.

  • Relaxed Imp: Ah, that's better.

When talking to the Relaxed imp before taking the bead.

  • Relaxed Imp: Ooh, mate. You're standing in puke.
  • Player: Oh, really? I hadn't noticed.
  • Relaxed Imp: Looks like the bead's floating in me breakfast. You can have it, mate. I want nuffin' more to do with it.

When taking the bead: You retrieve the sanguine bead and quickly clean up the imp vomit. It's squishy and smells strongly of blood. (The bead, that is. Not the vomit.)

  • Player: So, how did you wind up with the sanguine bead?
  • Relaxed Imp: Well, Wizard Grayzigzag summoned me to your plane and sent us on an errand.
  • Relaxed Imp: The binding ritual he got from the Wizards' Tower demon compels us to obey, y'see. I didn't have no choice.
  • Relaxed Imp: Graybeard had us steal some coloured beads from another wizard.
  • Relaxed Imp: Seems kinda petty, if you ask me. But nobody asked me.
  • Relaxed Imp: Anyways, I brought the bead to the air altar, like old Graybore said, and it started thrumming with energy.
  • Relaxed Imp: The bead, that is, not the altar.
  • Player: So why did you eat it?
  • Relaxed Imp: The altar?
  • Player: The bead.
  • Relaxed Imp: It's a bit embarrassing, to tell you the truth, guv. I'd rather not say.
  • Player: Fine. Maybe one of the other imps will be more forthcoming.

The Choleric Bead[edit | edit source]

  • Choleric Imp: What are you looking at, sunshine?
  • Player: Nothing. I just came to ask about--[sic]
  • Choleric Imp: Oh, I'm 'nothing', am I? Jst a pint-size demon with a pointy sword. No threat to anyone, eh?
  • Player: What pointy sword? You're not carrying a--
  • The imp grabs a sword and attacks you, when the imp is defeated:
  • Choleric Imp: I yield! Please, sir, no more!
  • Choleric Imp: I'm so sorry. I dunno what came over me. I ain't usually a voilent sort.
  • Choleric Imp: It must've been something I ate. I... Uhoh, here it comes.
  • The imp throws up and the Choleric bead falls out of his mouth.
  • Calm Imp: That scuffle got it outta me system. Sorry about the mess.
  • Player: I'm going to need a long hot bath after I finish this quest.

When talking to the Calm imp before taking the bead.

  • Calm imp: I'd rather not go near that yellow bead again. It made me all bad-tempered. You can have it.

When taking the bead:

  • You retrieve the choleric bead and, grumbling under your breath, clean up the imp vomit.

When talking to the imp after you defeated and retrieved the bead.

  • Player: So, what's the story behind the choleric bead?
  • Calm Imp: The summoner had me steal it. Wizard Grayzag, I mean. The one what traffics with demons.
  • Player: That seems a little hypocritical, coming from an imp.
  • Calm Imp: There's demons, and then there's DEMONS, guv. Azacorax has a scheme, and these beads are the key.
  • Calm Imp: At first, the bead seemed harmless. I brought it to the fire altar, like the wizard said.
  • Calm Imp: The yellow bead glowed warm in me hands, like it was powering up. Me nostrils filled with a sweet sharp smell, like pineapple.
  • Calm Imp: I was supposed to bring it back when I was done, but... I swallowed the bead. I couldn't help it. It tempted me with its sugary aroma.
  • Calm Imp: I instantly regretted it. The bead irritated me throat and burned in me belly.
  • Calm Imp: The yellow bead made me quick-tempered and cantankerous, but I feel much better now. Thanks for saving me.

The Phlegmatic Bead[edit | edit source]

  • Phlegmatic imp: *sniff* Oh, you'd better not come close, mate. I've picked up a nasty *cough* cold.
  • Phlegmatic imp: Hang about. I'm gonna sneeze!
  • The imp sneezes loudly, spraying the surrounding area in a short sharp shower of mucus.
  • Phlegmatic imp: *sniff* I swallowed the white pill Wizard Grayzag gave over, but I don't feel no *sniff* better. If anything, I feel worse.
  • Phlegmatic imp: Ugh. Me nose is so *sniff* bunged up, I can barely *cough* breathe.
    • 1. What you need is some chicken soup.
      • Phlegmatic imp: Ugh, thanks but no thanks, mate. I'm a vegetarian
    • 2. Honey's really good for a cold.
      • Phlegmatic imp:I think I'm allergic to honey. It makes me break out in hives.
    • 3. Have you tried a bowl of hot water?
      • Phlegmatic imp: Eh? I'd rather have a nice cup of tea.
      • Player: You don't drink it. You heat a bowl of water and inhale the steam. That'll clean up your phlegm.
      • Player: Now, where can I find a bowl of hot water?

When you have the bowl.

  • Player: Alright, hold your head over this bowl and inhale the steam. That should clear out your nasal passages.
  • The imp immerses his face i nthe steam until he feels better.
  • Phlegmatic imp: Wow! Cheers, mate. That's cleared my lurgy right up!
  • Phlegmatic imp: Oh, hang about. I've got a reward for you.

The imp throws up and the Phlegmatic bead falls out of his mouth.

  • Healthy imp: Better out than in.

When talking to the healthy imp when you did not take the Phlegmatic bead.

  • Healthy imp: Oh, look. The white pill's in there too. It made me feel all queasy.

You retrieve the phlegmatic bead and reluctantly clean up the sickly imp vomit.

  • Player: So what are you doing in this swamp?
  • Healthy imp: Summoner's orders, boss. The wizard with the pointy beard and persecution complex told me to bring his white pill to this big glowy rock in the swamp.
  • Healthy imp: The pill started smelling like peppermint, and I was a bit peckish, so I stuck it in me gob. I guess it didn't agree with me, 'cause I came over all poorly.
  • Healthy imp: Feeling a lot better now, though. Ta, guv! That steam worked a treat.

Returning all beads[edit | edit source]

Talking to Wizard Mizgog[edit | edit source]

Without all beads[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Mizgog: How are you doing finding my beads?
    • I don't have them all yet.
      • Wizard Mizgog: Come back when you have them all. I've lost a white bead, a red bead, a black bead, and a yellow bead. Go kill some imps!
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)

With all beads[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Mizgog: How are you doing finding my beads?
    • I've got all four beads.
      • Wizard Mizgog: Thank you! Give them here and I'll check that they really are my beads, before I give you your reward. You'll like it, it's an amulet of accuracy.
      • You give the sanguine and choleric beads to Wizard Mizgog.
      • You give the melancholic and phlegmatic beads to Wizard Mizgog.
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)
Congratulations! Quest complete!

Post-quest dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talking to Wizard Grayzag[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Grayzag: So you got the old fool his beads. Think you're clever do you?
    • 1. Well, yes, actually.
      • Wizard Grayzag: You'd better watch your back: when you least expect it, I'll be there. You shouldn't go sticking your nose into other people's affairs, meddler.
    • 2. Is that your demon?
      • (Goes to non quest related dialogue)
    • 3. Never mind.
      • (Dialogue ends)