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  • Image of Lord Daquarius: The Invasion of Falador has begun, much to my regret. Will you aid the Kinshra, or fight for the White Knights?
    • How can I participate?:
      • Image of Lord Daquarius: Both sides would benefit from your aid. Join the fighting on the streets of Falador, sabotage enemy catapults, tend to the wounded, and join the search for the mythical artefacts of Raddallin. You will be commended for your efforts, and the more commendations you earn, the more you will enjoy the spoils of war. Also, that madman Party Pete will periodically drop balloons across the city. For some inexplicable reason, there are commendations in them too.
      • Collect 100 commendations from Invasion of Falador activities and convert the commendations into a supply cache.
      • Commendations also let you check your daily commendation cap, and configure the experience you get from Invasion of Falador activities.
      • Open supply caches to discover various rewards, including…
      • Fragments of the Banner of Farradorn! (Collect and assemble to unlock a banner in the wings cosmetic override slot)
      • Tiny White and Black Knight pets!
      • The candyfloss maul! (Two-handed comedy weapon)
      • Plus a variety of experience lamps and resource bundles!
      • Also, until the Invasion of Falador ends: the Giant Mole beneath Falador Park drops double loot the Artisan’s Workshop gives triple reputation and +50% XP
    • Who are you?: (Before Wanted!, The Void Stares Back and Dishonour Among Thieves)
      • Image of Lord Daquarius: I am the leader of the Kinshra…a Zamorakian knightly order founded in the early Fifth Age.
      • (same as below)
    • Daquarius. We meet again.: (After Wanted!, The Void Stares Back and Dishonour Among Thieves)
      • Image of Lord Daquarius: Indeed. At least thrice have I encountered you, and I doubt this shall be the last. Well met.
        • Why are you not here in person?:
          • Image of Lord Daquarius: Do you think me a coward for projecting a magical image? Do you imagine that I cower in our Kinshra headquarters, safe from harm? On the contrary. I am not one to direct the battle from a safe haven. I would stand by my men and risk life and limb against our enemies. To do otherwise fills me with shame. However, I am concerned for the citizens of Falador. There are those among our order, over-eager and ambitious, who would see my presence as an opportunity to curry favour and display their might. I do not wish to inspire those that would destroy without purpose, slaughtering the innocent and looting the city that was once our home. The battle itself is a smoke screen. A distraction to occupy the White Knights while my agents work behind enemy lines to discover the artefacts of Raddallin.
        • Do you support this attack?:
          • Image of Lord Daquarius: I am both cautious and dubious. When last the Kinshra laid siege to Falador, under my predecessor Lord Sulla, it was a bloody battle with fierce casualties. I do not wish to see its like again. There is political value internal to the Kinshra for allowing the assault, regardless of whether the relics of Raddallin exist. While I am opposed to the waste of lives on both sides, the potential gains as presented to me by my officers cannot be ignored. The military might of both factions has yet to recover from the Siege of Falador, and the White Knights have grown complacent in times of peace. Falador’s gates are held wide open, and the city guard are legendarily poorly equipped to muster a defence. A smaller force, such as the one present at this invasion, can conceal our movements long enough to distract the White Knights from our true prize…assuming the sword and banner exist at all.
        • Tell me about the Kinshra.:
          • Image of Lord Daquarius: The Kinshra were once the official defenders of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. In fact, the Kinshra order helped King Raddallin to establish Asgarnia near the dawn of the Fifth Age. Soon after the White Knights seized political supremacy in Falador, we were banished from the kingdom, and forced to live in exile as the price for our faith in Zamorak.
        • I have other questions…:
    • Why are you attacking Falador?:
      • Image of Lord Daquarius: We have intercepted intelligence that the legendary Sword and Banner of Raddallin are hidden in Falador. You’ve no doubt heard the rumours, but there’s an unusual amount of evidence to suggest there’s something in it this time. If we are to claim these artefacts, now is the time to strike. I have allowed one of my officers to lead an infiltrating attack to attempt to claim the relics. They have strict orders to retreat immediately if resistance becomes too stiff, civilian casualties start to become significant, or the rumours turn out to be false.
        • Why do the Kinshra want Raddallin’s artefacts?:
          • Image of Lord Daquarius: The sword and banner are potent tokens of the right to rule, and would give the Kinshra the legitimacy we’ve lacked, and been keen to garner for ages.
        • Who is Raddallin?:
          • Image of Lord Daquarius: Raddallin was the first King of Asgarnia. Lord Valzin, the founder of the Kinshra and a Varrockian nobleman, advised King Raddallin and helped the kingdom to flourish. The Sword of Raddallin was commissioned as a gift for Lord Valzin just before the burning of the Wizards’ Tower. Thanks to the exile of the Kinshra, the lost sword was never delivered to its rightful owners. Our intelligence suggests the sword has been unearthed in Falador Park. As for the banner, legend tells of an ancient artifact tied to the destiny of Falador: a banner of holy power which will direct the fate of the kingdom. So, the usual rot. The banner was last seen at the ascension of Raddallin, the first King of Farradorn. I’ve heard rumours that the banner was torn into fragments, yet our spy in the White Knight organisation assures me it remains intact. How could both be true?
        • I have other questions…:
    • Farewell.: