Dialogue for Ilfeen

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After The Path of Glouphrie and Roving Elves, before Plague's End[edit | edit source]

  • Player: There is something I meant to ask you about. Do you remember Oaknock? He was a gnome inventor.
  • Ilfeen: Of course! I remember him from when I was living in the eastern lands. He was just a budding engineer then. I rather liked the young gnome: he was rather loud, but he had a good soul. He was very interested in elven magic. Last time we spoke, not too long ago, he was very interested in illusion magic and how to dispel it. I gave hi some advice and a few pieces of equipment to help him.
  • Player: I think Oaknock died of old age a few hundred years ago now.
  • Ilfeen: I keep forgetting - a hundred years is a long time for you.
  • Player: Did you ever give him a seed?
  • Ilfeen: Of course. It grew into a saw. I hope he found it useful.
  • Player: I think he did! Thanks.
  • Ilfeen smiles serenely.
  • Player: Hello again. Are you still offering to chant seeds?
  • Ilfeen: I am, but you’ll need your own seed. I can also chant your shield or bow back to full charges if you have it with you. Would you like me to enchant anything? Or I could give you a book about crystal singing?
    • Enchant something.
      • (Enchant, Attune, or Revert? interface opens)
        • If you attempt to enchant more than one crystal teleport seed at once
          • Ilfeen: I can only enchant one teleport seed at a time until I get to know you better. The more I do this for you, the easier it becomes for me, and I can charge you less too.
          • (Ilfeen enchants one crystal teleport seed)
    • Crystal singing book.
      • Player: Could I have the book, please?
      • Ilfeen hands you a book.
      • Player: Thanks, I'll read all about it.
      • Ilfeen: Well, good luck.
      • Player: Goodbye, Ilfeen.
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • Ilfeen: Well, good luck.
      • Player: Goodbye, Ilfeen.