Dialogue for Iestin Edern

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In Prifddinas (as Lord Iorwerth)[edit | edit source]

Talking to Lord Iorwerth[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Iorwerth: Hello, Player, how can I help?
    • Ask about Lord Iorwerth...
      • Player: Can you tell me about yourself?
      • Lord Iorwerth: It's me, Iestin Edern, the new lord of Clan Iorwerth! My family falls under the auspices of Clan Iorwerth, but it is unusual for one of my standing to be given lordship over the clan. It normally passes to an heir within the family. Except that Morvran - the heir apparent - has waived his claim. It's just as well though. Both Clan Iorwerth and the other clans felt that our clan needed someone more progressive to return us to peace. For some reason, they thought that meant me! But I'm stepping up to the role, to honour the memory of my brother. I fear it was an attempted raising of the Dark Lord that led to the creation of the shadows which killed him. Clan Iorwerth will not be heading down that path again, I assure you.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Clan Iorwerth...
      • Player: Can you tell me about Clan Iorwerth?
      • Lord Iorwerth: We are a clan of warriors without a war to fight.
      • Player: He says right after an elf civil war ends...
      • Lord Iorwerth: Yes, but that was our one and only war. Seren forbade us from engaging those who attempted to breach our borders, during the God Wars. She protected us of course, kept them out, but if she'd let us we could have stopped them from trying over an over again. But we were left to guard a city that was protected from on high - a waste of our talents. We should have been allowed to travel east with the Cadarn.
      • Player: So it was jealousy?
      • Lord Iorwerth: No, nothing so base. All of my kind wishes for the ability to return home. Ever since the World Gate was taken from us we've been stranded here. If the Iorwerth had been given leave to travel beyond the forest, we might have stopped that from happening, or spared our kind from what befell King Baxtorian and Queen Glarial.
        • After Fate of the Gods and before The Light Within
          • Player: You do know the World Gate has been rediscovered, right?
          • Lord Iorwerth: So Morvran tells me - by you, no less. It's the archaeological find of the century! We still can't use it to return home, though there is renewed hope.
            • (Continues below)
        • After The Light Within
          • Player: You do realise that I've travelled to Tarddiad right?[sic]
          • Lord Iorwerth: Indeed. There are discussions amongst our clan that now might be the time to return. Though the native population may need to be... dealt with... first.
            • (Continues below)
      • Lord Iorwerth: To make matters worse, Seren abandoned us. What were we to do? Seren gone. Baxtorian and the Cadarn gone. Someone had to lead our people. We didn't see anyone else offering. We just wanted to show the other clans what we were capable of.
      • Player: So the civil war was for the good of the other clans?
      • Lord Iorwerth: War is for the good of none, but what led towards it started out as noble intent. The other clan elders disagreed with our more millitant view. They reverted the city to seed form to protect it from us, but we were ever only trying to protect them, and to find a way back to Tarddiad. To the Iorwerth, they were the traitors. They robbed us of our homes, of Seren's light. Over the years, our clan lost sight of why this all started, and then this whole business with raising the Dark Lord happened. We lost our way.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Iorwerth skills...
      • Player: Can you tell me about Clan Iorwerth's skills?
      • Lord Iorwerth: Clan Iorwerth is comprised of proud and skilled warriors. If the elves were ever to amass an army, its bulk would be comprised of Clan Iorwerth. Oh, the Cadarn would field their mages and scouts, the Ithell some war singers, and the Trahaearn some of their combat automatons, but Clan Iorwerth would form the backbone. For the army to break, Clan Iorwerth would have to break, and that's just not something we do.
      • Player: So your troops are predominantly melee fighters?
      • Lord Iorwerth: Yes - though we do count some trackers and scouts among our number. We've had to become self-reliant, thanks to the civil war. Our troops favour the halberd for its reach, and twin daggers for close-quarter fighting. You are welcome to test them in combat. An untested warrior is useless, like a dulled blade. We also have a slayer master in our ranks - Morvran. Strictly, he should have become the new Lord Iorwerth, and frankly I'm glad he waived that right. Not so that I could become lord, you understand. He's amiable enough, but he has some odd predilections. There's just something slightly off about him, and I can't quite identify what.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Nothing, thanks.

Attempting to climb the stairs[edit | edit source]

  • Lord Iorwerth: Please don't go up there, those are my private quarters.