Transcript of Icthlarin's Little Helper journal entry

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  • I spoke with the Wanderer. She had a strange reaction to my cat. She told me of a secret entrance to Sophanem, the Menaphite city of the dead.
  • I gave the Wanderer a full water skin and a tinderbox. In return she said she would show me the location of the secret entrance to Sophanem.
  • I entered a secret tunnel.. I have quite a large gap in my memory at this point and it hurts my head when I think about this too much. The next thing that I can remember is awakening outside a pyramid in Sophanem.
  • I triggered a vision by touching the door of the pyramid.
  • In the vision I was searching for a burial chamber. Although throughout I had no control of my body.
  • The Sphinx offered to help me If I could answer her riddle correctly.
  • The high priest listened to my story and insisted that I must return the jar to its rightful place at once.
  • I entered the pyramid, with the help of my trusty feline companion.
  • I had another flashback in which I stole the burial jar.
  • I entered the burial room from which I took the jar.
  • I placed the jar back where I had taken it from.
  • I informed the high priest that the jar was successfully returned.
  • I helped in the organisation of the burial ceremony of the high priest, by getting items for the Sophanem's embalmer and carpenter.
  • I had another flashback in which I planted an unholy symbol in the ceremonial room.
  • I reached the ceremony in the nick of time. The Devourer entered the pyramid through the use of the symbol which I planted in the ceremonial room.
  • I killed the Devourer’s minions.
  • I talked to the priest, he said that he had to tie up a few loose ends in the pyramid, though once they were complete he told me to search him out in the town.
  • I had what was hopefully my last flashback. I was trying to leave the pyramid with the burial jar, when I was confronted by Icthlarin himself, God of the dead.
  • He seemingly broke the hold of the mind control spell which ‘the Devourer’ had over me.
  • The high priest thanked me for my efforts and rewarded me with an amulet of catspeak.