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2015 Hallowe'en event[edit | edit source]

  • Icthlarin: Greetings, hero.
  • Player:
    • I need to get to the other side of the bridge.
      • Icthlarin: Do you wish to be teleported to the southern bank?
        • Yes, send me back.
        • No, I'll stay here.
    • Ask about becoming the God of the Underworld.
      • Icthlarin: This is not a title I ever wished to possess, mortal. It was thrust upon me by my father, Tumeken. Like a child I resisted. It was a different time, and I was yet to learn the weight of responsibility. Amascut and I, we had displeased our father. A memory that I do not wish to recount, though it is never far from my mind. Tumeken's rage burned fiercely. He scorned us for our failings and sent us to guard the Underworld so that we would learn the error of our ways. It is here, and in the events that transpired since, that I have learned the importance of sacrifice. My father sought to teach me of responsibility, of which I have learned tenfold. Amascut's descent into madness has left much me with much on my shoulders. But the weight I carry is my own. My deeds have brought me here… and my deeds will carry me forward.
    • Ask about Amascut.
      • Icthlarin: The Devourer is not my sister, mortal. Amascut is not herself. When our father gave his life to save the Kharid it changed her. He left all his responsibilities to me, as punishment for the decisions I had made. Amascut saw this not as my punishment, but as her failing. She never believed she had earned his forgiveness after being sent to the gates of the Underworld. My sister had been left with nothing. The pain in her heart drove her into the darkness from which she was never to return. Perhaps if I had done things differently… If I had not left… No, hope is not lost. I can still bring her back, Player. I can still save my sister. First, though, we must defeat her here.
    • Ask about Tumeken.
      • Icthlarin: My father… He taught me all I know of humility and selflessness. I only wish I could embodied them more while he was still of this world. It was my decision to bring the Mahjarrat to Gielinor that ultimately sealed my father's fate. We were on the cusp of defeat. I sought to earn his respect by doing the impossible: winning the war. When our new allies helped us throw the Zarosian forces back I went to Tumeken expecting recognition. Alas, I was only to be greeted by disappointment. I was filled with anger. Why would I still not afford me the respect I deserved? Why did he still withhold his forgiveness? But he simply saw what I did not. The Mahjarrat would soon betray us, the sweet victory would turn to bitter defeat in our mouths. When all hope had faded and the Kharid finally seemed lost, my father stepped forward. I can still hear my sister's screams as we watched Tumeken stride out into the centre of the battlefield. I was filled with immense pride as a bright light engulfed us. Our father was gone and with him most of the military forces - friend or foe. The energy radiated across the Kharid, destroying most flora and fauna. It was my actions that caused all of this. The obliteration of the Kharid. My sister's descent into madness. My father's death. But his memory survives… and I will live up to it. I will make amends for my mistakes, mortal. I will atone.
    • Goodbye.

After Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

  • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • How are you doing?
      • Icthlarin: I am myself again, which is a good thing. In that maze I was not. I was...losing myself.
      • Icthlarin: It was an experience of indescribable horror. To find myself losing my ability to remember...to even think.
      • Icthlarin: But it is done now and I am Icthlarin again. I must push such feelings aside, because I have my duties.
    • Why did you become animalistic?
      • Icthlarin: My mother and father, Elidinis and Tumeken, lived among their followers, not above them. They wanted to be as they were.
      • Icthlarin: But there was one thing that, try as they might, they could never have. A family.
      • Icthlarin: At least, not what mortals would consider to be a family.
      • Icthlarin: As I was told, they each took a piece of themselves, a spark of their divine power, and combined them into something new.
      • Icthlarin: Something formed of the both of them. They then placed this energy into the two beings most akin to their family.
      • Icthlarin: I was their pet dog. Not the most esteemed of beginnings, but it is not one I am shamed of.
      • Icthlarin: My sister, Amascut, began similar humble beginnings, as their beloved cat. Though she has long fallen away from that person.
      • Icthlarin: So when the labyrinth robbed me of my divine nature, I began to revert back to that simple creature.
      • Icthlarin: I suppose my origins explain why I find herding souls through the underworld so...satisfying.
    • How did the dragonkin destroy the stone?
      • Icthlarin: I am unsure my friend. I am hardly an expert on the dragonkin.
      • Icthlarin: But we were in the Heart of Gielinor, where the anima of Gielinor flows.
      • Icthlarin: If they found a way to harness that much energy, to channel it into the stone. I can't imagine even the stone would survive that.
    • Goodbye.