Dialogue for Ianto

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In Prifddinas, after Plague's End[edit | edit source]

Talking to Ianto[edit | edit source]

  • Ianto: Hi there!
  • Player: Hi, Ianto.
    • If you have not yet collected and opened a Golden cracker
      • Ianto: The makers of the world have one an award! Have a cracker, with our compliments!
        • Would you like a golden cracker?
          • Yes.
            • Ianto gives you a golden cracker.
            • Player: Thanks, Ianto!
            • Ianto: Pull it with another person and you'll get a special surprise! Now, what can I do for you?
              • (Continues below)
          • No.
            • Ianto: Feel free to collect it later! Now, what can I do for you?
              • (Continues below)
  • Ianto: Want to see my spinning plates or kites? Want to check out my range of party items? Or did you want an item back?
    • Spinning plates?
      • Player: Spinning plates?
      • Ianto: There was a mix-up some years back with a man who lives in Draynor - something about 'dragon plates' being confused for armour.
        • (Ianto's Toy Store opens)
    • Wow, a kite!
      • Player: Wow, a kite!
      • Ianto: You're not the first to say that...
      • Player: Can I have one, please?
      • Ianto: Well, I suppose I did order more than I need... It's yours for the bargain price of 100 coins.
        • That's a bargain! I'll take one.
          • Player: That's a bargain! I'll take one.
            • (Ianto's Toy Store opens)
        • No, thanks, I don't want one.
          • Player: No, thanks, I don't want one.
    • Party items, you say?
      • Player: Party items, you say?
      • Ianto: Yes, I have all sorts of stuff - confetti, bubble markers, fireworks, firecrackers and some mugs! Take a look!
        • (Ianto's Toy Store opens)
    • I'd like to check my items, please.
      • Ianto: Sure thing, let me just see what you're missing.
        • (Diango's Item Retrieval opens)
    • Can you check my bank for items?
      • Ianto: Sure thing, let me see what I can take off your hands.
        • (Item Cleanup opens)