Dialogue for Hydra

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Conversation 1

Hydra head 1: Raaaspraaasp? (Isn't it hard to get things done with just one head?)
Player: Not really!
Hydra head 1: Raaasp raaaaap raaaasp? (Well I suppose you work with what you got, right?
Hydra head 2: Raaaaaasp raaaasp raaaasp. (At least he doesn't have someone whittering in their ear all the time.)
Hydra head 1: Raaaaaaasp! (Quiet, you!)

Conversation 2

Hydra head 1: Raaaasp raaaasp! (Man, I feel good!)
Hydra head 2: Raaasp ssssss raaaasp. (That's easy for you to say.)
Player: What's up?
Hydra head 2: Raaa.... (well...)
Hydra head 1: Raaaaasp sss rassssp. (Don't pay any attention, they are just feeling whiny.)
Player: But they're you, aren't they?
Hydra head 1: Raaaasp raasp rasssp! (Don't remind me!)

Conversation 3

Hydra head 1: Rassssp rasssssp! (You know, two heads are better than one!)
Hydra head 2: Raaaasp rassssp sssssp.... (Unless you're the one doing all the heavy thinking....)
Player: I think I'll stick to one for now, thanks.

Conversation 4

Hydra head 2: Raaaaaaasp. (Siiiigh.)
Hydra head 1: Raasp raasp raaaaasp? (What's up this time?)
Player: Can I help?
Hydra head 1: Rasssp ssssssp? raaaaasp raaaasp. (Do you mind? This is a private conversation.)
Player: Well, excu-u-use me.