Transcript of Hunt for Red Raktuber journal entry

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  • I spoke to Larry and agreed to help him out with the situation.
  • Larry saw a giant penguin rise from out of the sea. When he told the zookeepers, they put him in a straitjacket.
  • I went to Witchaven and discovered some interesting tracks.
  • I told Larry about the footprints and was confronted by the Chief Zookeeper.
  • I took the Chief Zookeeper to Witchhaven to show him the footprint. He agreed to free Larry.
  • I met Larry at the Iceberg.
  • Larry sent me on a mission to find out more about the penguins' submarine.
  • I found out:
  • How to get on the submarine.
  • How to disable the submarine.
  • How to find the submarine.
  • I interrogated the prisoner and found out how to enter the submarine. I needed a conch shell to call the submarine to the surface, and then do a dance that signals I am a friend.
  • I spoke to Ping and Pong. They Believe there are people building the submarine in the laboratory behind the war room.
  • I spoke to the guard and learned all sorts of things about his sleep patterns.
  • I filled in the words Ping and Pong were missing from their song. It sounds weird.
  • We preformed the song and the guard fell asleep!
  • The penguins kidnapped dwarves! They're forcing them to build submarines for them.
  • Larry said the dwarves are to big for normal penguin suits.
  • I gave supplies to the dwarf. I then taught him how to sew a penguin suit. He seemed very impressed with it.
  • I disabled the panel on my own! Now I am prepared to do it on the submarine.
  • I've spoken to Larry about information I found out about the submarine.
  • I made a deal with the mafia to get information I need about the submarine. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me...
  • I found a room were the information was kept and a stole a message about the submarine's location.
  • I gave the telegram to Larry. He is very excited we know where the submarine is.
  • I Successfully called the submarine and boarded!
  • I found the captain and reported in for duty.
  • The captain has a slug on his head! He must be under their control - seems aren't as simple as the seemed. As unlikely as that sounds, all things considered.
  • I got out of the brig by picking the lock.
  • I disabled the submarine! I improvised by using fish and seaweed instead of normal tools.
  • Those blasted penguins tricked me...again! They kidnapped Larry.
  • I met a polar bear named Chuck. He's an Agent for the PBJ.
  • Chuck let me ride ride on his stomach as we swam off the island. We made it to shore and returned to the Ardougne Zoo.