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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:04] [Applause]
[00:07] honouring the old-school mantra of
[00:09] community-driven ensures every morsel of
[00:12] content that find its way into game is
[00:14] approved by the players but have you
[00:16] ever wondered how your suggestions are
[00:18] handled by the team behind the scenes
[00:19] caught up with your four favourite mods
[00:22] to discuss how your concepts and
[00:23] creations become a reality our school
[00:27] runescape begins and ends with what the
[00:28] players are talking about what the
[00:30] players are asking us for only the
[00:31] problem they want solving will be an
[00:33] idea to improve the game players submit
[00:35] their ideas to us like Twitter forums
[00:37] etc we will discuss between us make sure
[00:39] it's viable then offer a dev blog make
[00:42] sure something that the community wants
[00:43] but their vlogs like the Holy Grail when
[00:45] we're developing to make sure that we're
[00:46] staying as close as possible to what the
[00:48] players expect then it goes out to a
[00:50] poll they vote yes or no if they want to
[00:51] see in-game we have the polls set so
[00:54] that you only get a piece of content if
[00:56] it gets seventy five percent of the vote
[00:58] it means that in order for a piece of
[00:59] content to be approved for old school
[01:01] runescape a big supermajority of the
[01:03] players has to come together and say yes
[01:05] we do want this in our game and if it
[01:07] passes a poll we can then put it into
[01:09] game once it's in game we then start
[01:11] getting the feedback from the players
[01:12] and how they want to change it to make
[01:14] it a best bit of content they can happen
[01:15] once we have a manageable selection of
[01:17] ideas we need to look at how practical
[01:19] they are to get into game for example we
[01:21] work on the mother lode mine at the
[01:22] moment that came from a player designed
[01:23] content competition we started with
[01:25] hundreds of suggestions we break it down
[01:27] into ten really good ideas once we
[01:29] pulled them to the players and got a
[01:30] winner we then went into the
[01:32] pre-production stage generally it's a
[01:34] very fun process for us because we can
[01:35] really we can really look sort of let go
[01:37] and let loose with it about the
[01:38] creativity flow mother lode mine saves
[01:40] us a few steps there because the player
[01:42] submitted his idea of what shape the
[01:44] room should be what the style should be
[01:47] what kind of cultural references he'd
[01:48] like to see in it and we could kind of
[01:50] just bump with that some of the first
[01:53] things we need to think about when
[01:54] putting a piece of content into game
[01:55] with logistics first of all we need to
[01:57] find out the way they're spaced and make
[01:59] sure it fits there we then need to make
[02:01] sure there are some clear changeable
[02:02] elements in there so we can make sure
[02:03] it's balanced properly so we're gonna go
[02:05] ahead with my test edition we're gonna
[02:06] evolve it we're going to really
[02:08] integrate it into the game we're gonna
[02:09] make that player for how they suggested
[02:10] it once we know what we're doing with
[02:12] pre-production we can then move into the
[02:13] production phase the other guys talk
[02:15] technical stuff that goes way over my
[02:17] head and I wait for them to put it on to
[02:19] the test server so I can make choices
[02:20] close to the dev blog as it can be my
[02:22] contribution towards the overall
[02:24] production process is to balance the new
[02:26] content make sure that anything up new
[02:28] armor new weapons anything that relates
[02:30] to a skill like the dragon pickaxe is
[02:32] balanced it can't be too great but it
[02:34] can't be too bad it's gotta be worth
[02:35] using at all points during production we
[02:38] keep the players informed of what we're
[02:39] doing we are always happily tweeting
[02:41] screenshots of what we've made partly
[02:43] because it's well we think it's cool so
[02:45] we'd like to share it and partly to make
[02:47] sure the players know which dive
[02:48] actually we're going and we're always
[02:49] very receptive to player feedback
[02:50] players always telling us to push the
[02:52] boundaries of an idea they've given us
[02:53] there a lot of players out there who
[02:54] tell us that we should not date anything
[02:56] at all for the most part I don't think
[02:59] that's what really we'll really want
[03:00] what they really want is something that
[03:02] speaks of things I love that provides it
[03:03] was something new which is really really
[03:06] important for us to really evolve in
[03:07] what we're doing we don't have a
[03:09] graphics artist at the moment we don't
[03:10] have a musician at the moment to make
[03:13] the assets for the game so we have to
[03:15] rely on the skills that we've got Ash's
[03:16] fantastic of music Peters all the music
[03:18] that goes into game currently engine and
[03:20] players love it dan does most of the
[03:23] graphics work and again the player enjoy
[03:25] and what he's doing but hopeful to have
[03:26] a new graphics artist soon and then we
[03:28] started some really cool stuff once Dan
[03:30] and ash have done their bit and I made
[03:31] the content they then put it into QA all
[03:34] I was taking destructive approach when
[03:35] testing trying to break the game the
[03:37] finds the best way to find out all the
[03:38] bugs which allows the devs to wire all
[03:41] the creases the purpose of testing is
[03:43] only to make sure the content works but
[03:45] to mention we cover all our bases if a
[03:47] question tells the player to turn right
[03:48] and they turn left what happens if they
[03:50] turn left we have a hundred and sixty
[03:52] thousand different players and we need
[03:54] to make sure we cover as many
[03:55] possibilities as we can because they'll
[03:57] all do something a little bit
[03:58] differently the weirdest bug I've heard
[04:00] of is face crotch as well as a graphical
[04:03] bug and people's faces started appearing
[04:05] before my college I found that the
[04:08] thermonuclear smoke Devil dropped 150 or
[04:10] Colt necklaces instead of one which with
[04:13] a new item release wouldn't have been
[04:14] great for the economy
[04:15] QA in a nutshell is playing the game for
[04:18] a living it's awesome once everyone's
[04:21] happy with the content within
[04:23] into the release stage do we want to
[04:24] advertise it on Facebook through
[04:25] performance marketing do we want to send
[04:27] out an email do we want a new graphic
[04:29] work for the Facebook pages the Twitter
[04:31] pages do we need specific images for the
[04:34] news post it's all the sort of stuff we
[04:36] have to think about before we release a
[04:37] new piece of content live stream and
[04:39] schedule I'll be surprised if anyone
[04:41] doesn't know about our live stream and
[04:42] schedule but we slice drink twice a week
[04:44] community stream Wednesday at nine
[04:46] o'clock and we have the developer Q&A at
[04:48] five o'clock on Thursday
[04:50] thanks chaps next month we'll check out
[04:53] more old school goodness
[04:55] probably featuring polls remember to
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[04:59] with all things runescape
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