Transcript of How to make a good recording!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hello everyone smile Paul M here we've
[00:02] just announced our voice acting voice
[00:03] type of competition which gives you the
[00:04] opportunity to put your voice into root
[00:08] scope and voice actor two characters
[00:10] within the game pretty amazing stuff
[00:11] that strongly agree so to give you the
[00:13] best chance of winning you thought we
[00:15] would give you some reporting tips and
[00:17] that you have the money in he's from the
[00:18] audio to me it's very busy man it's
[00:20] really cold out here but nevertheless we
[00:22] thought we catching his natural
[00:23] environment and get the tips stricter in
[00:26] are you doing excellent festival nice
[00:31] cat I believe you've got some tips for a
[00:34] recording audio indeed yes okay let's
[00:36] hear them they're starting when it's hit
[00:37] number one right tip number one use a
[00:40] decent audio program as lows available
[00:42] get some good results go fire one have a
[00:45] look at the link down the bottom of the
[00:46] screen I took number two used to do some
[00:49] microphone might not have something like
[00:52] this but he's anything that makes your
[00:54] voice sound icing tip number three keep
[00:58] it quiet closed or are you sure you're
[01:01] not interrupted so you get better
[01:03] results for watch those recording levels
[01:06] red is bad green is good the last tip
[01:10] don't be shy give it a go enjoy yourself
[01:14] have fun at send your entries in
[01:17] automating thank you very much those
[01:18] excellent tips best luck in the
[01:20] competition everybody check out
[01:22] runescape calm for more information it's
[01:24] freezing out here I'm going
[01:37] you