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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] livestreaming has become absolutely
[00:03] massive with streaming Giants twitch
[00:06] seeing 45 million people watch 12
[00:09] billion minutes of live streaming
[00:10] content last year alone it's growing at
[00:13] an incredible speed and it's now even
[00:15] easier and cheaper than ever to set
[00:18] yourself up as a bonafide broadcaster
[00:20] follow this guide and you'll be able to
[00:22] stream games videos presentations live
[00:25] interviews and cats in no time all you
[00:28] need is a computer at switch account
[00:30] some streaming software like xsplit and
[00:32] something to stream step 1 get a
[00:35] computer you don't need an incredible
[00:38] NASA great computer to broadcast to the
[00:40] world an average home PC is all you need
[00:42] a second monitor is a big help but is by
[00:45] no means essential and the same goes for
[00:47] a webcam you don't even need a lightning
[00:50] fast internet connection average
[00:52] broadband should work fine
[00:53] step 2 download some streaming software
[00:57] think of this as your mini virtual
[00:59] broadcast studio close the xsplit
[01:02] website register for an account download
[01:07] the free version and install it using
[01:09] the details you've registered with step
[01:12] 3 create your channel your streaming
[01:15] channel is where you string from and
[01:16] where your viewers will tune in to watch
[01:18] so go to twitch TV and sign up for an
[01:22] account step 4 connect your twitch
[01:25] account to your xsplit account open up
[01:28] xsplit go to the broadcast tab at the
[01:31] top and click add channel and then
[01:33] switch click the authorize button this
[01:36] will open up a new window and prompt you
[01:38] to enter your twitch details xsplit will
[01:43] now automatically test your bandwidth
[01:45] once complete you'll be given some
[01:47] pre-configured settings for your channel
[01:48] pick the recommended setting step 5
[01:52] setting up your stream I want to stream
[01:55] runescape so let's load up the game back
[01:57] in xsplit click Add you'll see a list of
[02:00] elements that can be added to your
[02:02] broadcast you can add cameras videos
[02:04] still images graphics and the one we
[02:07] want screen region
[02:09] now if you draw a box around the game it
[02:12] will appear in xsplit just a little
[02:16] resize and the game is fullscreen easy
[02:20] the screen you were looking at is called
[02:22] a scene you can customize your scene
[02:24] however you wish by going back to your
[02:26] list of elements and adding as many or
[02:28] as little as you like I'd like to add a
[02:30] camera if you look down here on the
[02:33] bottom right of the screen you see we
[02:35] can create up to 12 scenes this is where
[02:37] the fun starts and you can get creative
[02:39] so what about sound here are your audio
[02:43] levels the one on the left is your mind
[02:45] and on the right you've got the volume
[02:47] of whatever media you're running through
[02:48] xsplit in our case runescape step 6
[02:52] start broadcasting okay we've got our
[02:55] software set up our hardware configured
[02:57] our scenes created and the sounds all
[02:58] works let's broadcast to broadcast click
[03:02] the broadcast tab from the menu and
[03:03] click on the channel you want to
[03:05] broadcast to as soon as you're live
[03:07] you'll see streaming live at the top of
[03:10] the screen in red another sure sign
[03:12] legal live is when you see the bitrate
[03:14] registering above 0
[03:16] now you can head over to twitch to see
[03:18] yourself live and that's your 6 step
[03:21] guide to becoming a broadcaster on
[03:22] Twitch try it out for yourself and get
[03:25] streaming