Transcript of Holy Grail journal entry

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  • I started my Quest for the Holy Grail in Camelot Castle.
  • King Arthur sent me to Merlin for advice on locating it.
  • I spoke to Galahadin his shack West of McGrubor's Wood.
  • Galahad gave me a napkin from the Realm of the Fisher King. I used the napkin to find a holy whistle that could teleport me to the Realm of the Fisher King.
  • I blew the Whistle at the correct location and was teleported to the Realm of the Fisher King. The path to the Fisher King’s castle was blocked by a mighty warrior called the Black Knight Titan who seemed invincible!
  • I defeated the Black Knight Titan with Excalibur's power.Once past the Titan I entered the Grail Castle.
  • The Fisher King couldn't give me the Grail, but legends say that the person who restores the land could claim the Grail.
  • I honoured the Fisher King’s request to find his son, and used a Magic Golden Feather to track him down. When he heard of his father's illness he rushed back to the Grail Castle using a Magic Whistle that I gave him.
  • I returned to the Grail Castle to find that the land had been renewed with Percival as the new King there. Out of gratitude he allowed me to take the Grail, which I tool to King Arthur to prove my prowess as a Knight.