Transcript of Hob-da-Gob

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The Warforge is where young goblins are sent to become warriors. It is literal forge where goblin weapons made, but also the Crucible forge strong gobbo warriors. In this arena, goblins fight and die for honour of Big High War God, moulding themselves into strong and worthy subjects.

I was sent here a decade ago and am soon set to leave and re-join Dorgesh tribe. In my time, I have been Crucible champion handful of times. I thought this why Bandos called me to his private sanctum behind throne, but when I got there, he was angry. I was afraid, in awe, awaited his words.

Angry, yes, but not with me. He ordered I help improve Crucible. Simple fighting was no longer enough, he said. He needed goblins to be stronger, faster, deadlier. I tell him silly thing about Hob-da-Gob. He went quiet. I thought he was going to kill me. But he listened while I explained.

I tell him of Narogosh tradition on Yu'biusk to play a game - tribe split into two teams and took turns throwing ball at each other. If you got hit, you out. Simple game, but it make us faster and stronger - dodge hits, but learn to take those you can't. His eyes burned, glared through me. I thought skin would melt off.

But he laughed! He happy! Hob-da-Gob tournament announced for next Crucible fight! Rules were changed some, though. Bigger ball, harder, bouncy. Hits not knock you out unless they knock you out - Bandos like that rule especially, appreciates irony. We make bronze weapons here, though, so I not get joke.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion