Dialogue for Hilda

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  • Player: Hello there. What’s-
  • Torsteg: HALT! Come no further!
  • Hilda: Calm down, Torsteg. Sorry, traveller. He takes his job very seriously. As for you, traveller, I suggest you turn back. The Fremennik have fortified this area, and we aren’t letting anyone in.
  • Player: What is this place?
  • Torsteg: It is none of your concern.
  • Hilda: Quiet, Torsteg! They came all this way, they deserve an explanation. A while back, our seers felt a strange power wash over the land. It was unlike anything they’d ever experienced. They were able to pinpoint the source of this strange power, and we quickly mobilized to contain the unknown threat. Our brothers are risking their lives to this end as we speak.
  • Player: Why can't I come in?
  • Torsteg: Because we have our orders!
  • Hilda: Forgive our caution, but we Fremennik aren’t known for trusting outsiders. We have orders to stop anyone getting in, so that’s how it’s going to be.
  • Player: But I’m not an outsider, I’ve completed your trials.
  • Hilda: Regardless, you are on that side of the fence, so that’s where you must stay.
  • Player: Oh, come on, please let me pa-
  • Torsteg: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
  • Player: Okay okay. I get the picture.
  • Player: I’m done with my questions.
  • Hilda: Very well, traveller, be on your way.