Dialogue for High Priest (Sophanem)

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Note: all dialogue is made with all quest complete, there may be spoilers, read at your own risk.

  • High Priest: Good day, player.
  • Player: Greetings, cleric.
  • High Priest: How can I help you?
    • 1. Is it okay if I pray at your altar?
      • Player: Is it okay if I pray at your altar?
      • High Priest: Of course. We Sophanites are believers in many gods.
      • High Priest: I, in my position as head priest of Icthlarin, still give praise to Tumeken and Elidinis each day at this very altar.
      • Player: Thanks, you've a very enlightened approach to this.
      • High Priest: No need for thanks. Sadly, this view isn't taken by all Menaphite sects.
    • 2. How are things?
      • Player: How are things?
      • High Priest: It seems that your foray into the depths has stabilised the situation below. In my prayers, Icthlarin has expressed his pleasure.
      • Player: You can talk with Icthlarin? Can you ask him anything you want?
      • High Priest: You misunderstand the way in which the desert deities interact with us mortals. Icthlarin has blessed us with a peaceful afterlife, thus we serve him loyally. It is not our place to pester him with outside influences.
      • Player: He won't help you directly, then? That makes him just the same as the deities bound by Guthix's laws.
      • High Priest: Have you not learned anything from the trouble with Scabaras. He was influenced to act in this world and disaster befell him and his followers, and all those twho came into contact with them.
      • Player: Point taken, I suppose but what about the Devourer?
      • High Priest: The Devourer is different. Her place is to interact with us poor mortals, or at least it is now. She has changed, and for the worse. We here are grateful that Scabaras did not fall so far and so permanently as the Devourer.
    • 3. Can you tell me again about this enchanted water tiara?
      • Player: Can you tell me again about this enchanted water tiara?
      • High Priest: I have taught you how to make and enchanted water tiara, by using water runes with a water tiara. This will protect you from the fierce desert heat, as you have protected the desert from the fierce Scabarites.
      • Player: So, I just use some water runes on a water tiara?
      • High Priest: It is, indeed, that simple. Though, you will use up any and all water runes you try to combine the tiara with. You should also note that you can only have one such enchanted tiara at a time and that you require at least level 50 in both Magic and Runecrafting to create such a tiara.
      • Player: And if I want the water runes back?
      • High Priest: You will discover that by destroying you enchanted tiara, the enchantment will fade. This will free your water runes for whatever other purposes you might have.
    • 4. Any word from Menaphos and the slaves?
      • Player: Any word from Menaphos and the slaves?
      • High Priest: I haven't heard anything more since my people returned. Ask them, if you're curious about their time in Menaphos.
    • 5. Could I have another lamp?
      • Player: Could I have another lamp?
      • High Priest: I'm afraid you benefitted all you can from these lamps.