Dialogue for High Priest (Entrana)

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This transcript involves dialogue with High Priest (Entrana) and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • High Priest: Many greetings. Welcome to our fair island.
    • If the player has not completed Heroes' Quest:
    • If the player has completed Heroes' Quest:
      • Have you seen a pair of ice gloves?
        • High Priest: By which you mean the pair of mythical gloves you stole from the cold dead body of the Queen of the Ice?
        • Player: Er...
        • High Priest: The gloves that you acquired to aid you in plucking the Entranan firebird? Another victim of your murderous nature, I should add. The ice gloves that, from context, I would assume you have lost, if not carelessly discarded?
        • Player: Those ice gloves, yes.
        • The high priest of Entrana shivers as he hands you your lost ice gloves.
        • High Priest: One of my monks found these gloves. If only to spare this world from further carnage, I return them to you.
      • Ask about Entrana
        • High Priest: You are standing on the holy island of Entrana. It was here that Saradomin first stepped upon Gielinor. In homage to Saradomin's first arrival, we have built a great church, and devoted the island to those who wish peace for the world. The inhabitants of this island are mostly monks who spend their time meditating on Saradomin's ways. Of course, there are now more pilgrims to this holy site, since Saradomin defeated Zamorak in the battle of Lumbridge. It is good that so many see Saradomin's true glory!

Using an item on the high priest[edit | edit source]

  • High Priest: No thank you, I am not accepting donations for the church at this time.