Dialogue for Hetty

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  • Hetty: What could you want with an old woman like me?
  • Player: You look like a witch.
    • Hetty: Yes, I suppose I'm not being very subtle about it. I fear I may get a visit from the witch hunters of Falador before long.
  • Player: Nothing, thanks.
  • Player: I'm looking for work.
    • Hetty: Hmmm... Perhaps you could do something that would help both of us.
    • Hetty: Would you like to become more proficient in the dark arts?
    • Player: What, you mean improve my magic?
    • The witch sighs.
    • Hetty: Yes, improve your magic...
    • Hetty: Do you have no sense of drama?
    • (Quest interface opens)
  • If the player has completed Witch's Potion miniquest:
    • Hetty: How's your magic coming along?
    • Player: I'm practicing and slowly getting better.
    • Hetty: Good, good.