Dialogue for Hetepheres

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Without catspeak[edit | edit source]

  • Hetepheres: Meow, meow meow.

With catspeak[edit | edit source]

  • Hetepheres: Oh hello, daarrrling. What can this humble feline do for you? Do you have an itch that needs scratching? Mice that need catching?
  • Hetepheres: I would be purrfectly happy to help, you need only say the word and I will be there in three swishes of this pussycat's tail.
  • Player: You're a very friendly cat.
  • Hetepheres: What? Are you saying this surprises you? Is the World Guardian's opinion of the humble cat so low that you expect malice or distrust.
  • Hetepheres: You wound me and all cat-kind with your anti-feline prejudice. I cannot be around you any longer.