Transcript of Hero's Welcome journal entry

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  • I have agreed to help solve the differences between the Moon Clan and Fremenniks when it comes to celebrating the return of V. I need to speak to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune, who are near the docks in Rellekka for more instructions.
  • I have spoken to the people of Rellekka and discovered the best way to welcome V back, settling the argument between the Moon Clan and the Fremenniks.
  • I have solved the problems that were preventing the ceremony of welcome for V going ahead. I need to speak to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune, near the docks in Rellekka for instructions.
  • V has arrived, but left the celebration to recover. I need to speak to Alfrick the Planner, near the docks in Rellekka to transport me to V's current location.
  • I have been taken to the island V is recovering on. I need to enter the caves and speak with him to find out what he wants me for.
  • V is losing his godly power. I need to search the island for signs of these 'leaks' which will take the form of 'duplicated' landmarks. When I find one I need to draw out the godly energy for V to recover, then find the duplicate and channel the energy to him so he can seal the rift.
  • I have helped V by finding the duplicated scenery and channelling the lost energy into him. I should re-enter the caves and speak with him about what to do next.
  • V has been murdered by the Dragonkin. They seemed to use some sort of Elder Artefact called the 'Mirror' to draw off his energy into one of their own. This Dragonkin is now extremely powerful, even for one of his race. I need to find the Dragonkin and do something about this.
  • V knew the vessel that the Dragonkin were draining his energy into, and called him 'Tarshak'. I believe that he may have left information on this Dragonkin in his hiding place on the island and I should search for it.
  • I have discovered an old journal belonging to V. In it he discusses one of his old companions tracking a dragonkin which can only be Tarshak to a lair somewhere.
  • I also found a set of map fragments inside the journal which I assembled back into a readable form.
  • I have discovered the location of the dragonkin lair. It is in the Ancient Cavern, under the Baxtorian Falls. I should go there to see if I can catch them by surprise or find more information.
  • I have found the entrance to the dragonkin lair under Baxtorian Falls.
  • However the door is locked. I need to find a way to make a key to gain entry.
  • I have entered the dragonkin lair under the Baxtorian Falls. However, the entrance cavern is defended by a fierce dragon! I will need to kill it to proceed.
  • I have slain the dragon guardian of the dragonkin lair under the Baxtorian Falls. I should see if I can sneak inside and collect further information.
  • I managed to sneak into the dragonkin lair under the Baxtorian Falls. There, I witnessed the divisions between the dragonkin, who began to fight. Tarshak mutated horribly, and appeared even more powerful than the others! He fled, leaving one wounded dragonkin and another who possesses a charm of protection against dragonkin magic.
  • I should try and sneak into the lair to find any information that I can. The charm will come in useful for fighting these monsters in the future, and one of them mentioned Tarshak had been writing in a journal. That may come in useful in discovering where he is now.
  • I have discovered notes that Tarshak made which indicate he is likely to be heading for the lab of Phalaks, another Dactyl Dragonkin. This is apparently located int eh Grotworm Lair. Given that Tarshak appears to be mutating rapidly and is bursting with power it makes sense to pursue him to deal with this threat before he becomes more powerful.
  • I have arrived at Phalaks' lab in the Grotworm Lair, only to find him and Tarshak locked in an argument. It seems that even within the Dragonkin's ranks there are divisions and politicking! In any case, Phalaks struck Tarshak with a Dragonkin-bane dart laden with deadly poisons, and Tarshak has been weakened to the degree that I can kill him. I should finish him now before it is too late!
  • I dealt Tarshak what should have been a mortal blow. However, he simply mutated further and flew away! IT is clear his power is increasing at a frightening rate and I need to do something to stop him. Phalaks, in his lab in the Grotworm Lair, mentioned something about a 'sanctum'. I should ask him for more details.
  • Phalaks has informed me that Tarshak has probably retreated to a 'sanctum' where he studied banite ore near the Metallic Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon. I should go there and finish him off before he becomes more powerful.
  • Well it looks like I'm too late. Tarshak has mutated into a towering, drooling abomination. I need to enter his sanctum near the MEtallic Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon and kill him by any means necessary.
  • After an epic fight Tarshak has been slain. However, as I fled his collapsing sanctum by the Metallic Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeons, more Dragonkin arrived. I should return to find out what they are after.
  • The Dragonkin in Tarshak's sanctum have begun fighting! Even if I had not lost my protective amulet in the fight I would be hard pressed to fight them myself after my battle with Tarshak.
  • It makes sense, therefore, to return to Rellekka and speak to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune to report what has happened. A short rest and chance to plan may help me work out how to strike at the Dragonkin next.
  • I returned to Rellekka to find that V's memory has been commemorated in a shrine on his island. While I have not been able to defeat the Dragonkin, I killed one of them who had become a terrifying abomination, saving the world for now.
  • As such, I can begin planning revenge against the rest at my leisure.