Dialogue for Henryeta Carnillean

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Before Carnillean Rising, after Hazeel Cult[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Henryeta Carnillean: I have been instructed by my husband to have no dealings with an utter scoundrel such as yourself. So kindly leave me alone and be on your way.
  • Player: I didn't want to talk to you anyway.

After Carnillean Rising[edit | edit source]

  • Henryeta Carnillean: Ah, it's you again. You certainly made a strong impression on Philipe.
  • Player: I'm glad it worked.

Claiming Rover the red dragon[edit | edit source]

  • Henryeta Carnillean: One thing Adventurer.
  • Player: What is it, Henryeta?
  • Henryeta Carnillean: This little mutt has been following me around for the past few days. Would you mind taking it off my hands?
  • Player: Absolutely!
You mutter to yourself.
  • Player: Pretentious old bag...
  • Henryeta Carnillean: Pardon?
  • Player: Oh nothing. Perhaps we'll meet again soon!

Claiming Spot the black dragon[edit | edit source]

  • Henryeta Carnillean: Can you do something for me?
  • Player: Alright...
  • Henryeta Carnillean: Another of these little mongrels has been following me about. Since you taken the other off my hands, would you mind taking this one?
  • Player: Sure thing - anything to get it away from you!
  • Henryeta Carnillean: Oh, you jest!
  • Player: Yes. Jest... I was joking, haha!
  • A Juvenile Wolf now follows you with a Black Dragon mask, for speaking to Henryeta after talking to Phillipe[sic] with 400 quest points. Adorable! You can find this in your pet interface.
  • (Same as above)