Dialogue for Hendrik

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This transcript involves dialogue with Hendrik and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Hendrik in Ashdale.

  • Hendrik: Saradomin's blessings upon you, my friend.
  • Select an option
    • What can you tell me about this place?
      • Hendrik: Since it was founded, Ashdale has become something of a refuge; a place for people who want some peace and quiet. Gielinor can be a dangerous place. The people who live here know they don't have to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Most of the time, anyway.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • Can you give me any tips on fishing?
      • Hendrik: It's like most things, really - practice makes perfect. Just keep at it, and you'll soon start to see an improvement.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • Do you have any fishing bait?
      • Hendrik: Of course - here you go. Let me know if you need any more.
      • Player receives 10x Fishing bait.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • Saradomin? Who's that?
      • Hendrik: Saradomin is one of the beings who first brought life into Gielinor. Most of us who live in Ashdale have taken Saradomin as our patron. He stands for truth, justice, and - above all - order.
        • (Shows initial options)
    • Goodbye.
      • Hendrik: Saradomin watch over you, my friend.