Transcript of Helping Laniakea

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This transcript involves dialogue with Laniakea, Eliza, Alpheus, and the player.

Starting the miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • Can we talk about assignments?
      • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
    • Kerapac
      • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
    • Let's talk about you.
      • Select an option
        • Tell me more about your background.
          • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
        • How did you become a slayer master?
          • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
        • What is this temple?
          • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
        • Tell me about your poisons.
          • Laniakea: Poison... Where to begin? How such a tiny drop of liquid may kill a man in either the most peaceful manner or cause them the most painful death you can imagine. As you can see, as someone from the Order of Slayer Masters, I remain unmarked and lack the scars you see in my companions. I tend to fight a little cleaner you could say. Whilst I can handle myself in the thick of combat, I prefer to inflict poisons upon my enemy and let that do the fighting.
          • Player: That sounds like fighting dirty to me.
          • Laniakea: It only takes a cut. Once the wound is inflicted I can vanish into the shadows and let the poison do its work.
          • Player: How have you not accidentally cut yourself?
          • Laniakea: Over my years of studying different poisons, I saw fit to drink doses of each daily to build up an immunity. Now I could drink a vial of the most deadly poisons and not feel a thing.
          • Player: Could you teach me how to make these poisons?
          • Laniakea: I will not.
          • (Before accepting the miniquest:)
            • Laniakea: Don't suppose you want to help me out with a little something?
            • Player: Depends on what it happens to be.
            • Help Laniakea?
              • I'll help you out.
                • Laniakea: I always travel light you see. Mobility is crucial and it always helps to not be weighed down. Because of this, I only brought a small assortment of poisons with me. I never anticipated creatures this large... I fear my current poisons won't be potent enough to have an effect on them. I need a Fugu, one of the most poisonous fish that has ever existed. If I could get hold of one, I can extract the poison and bottle it in case it's needed in the future. Would you still help me?
                • (Quest Overview interface opens.)
                  • Not Right Now
                    • Laniakea: Oh, okay then. Hopefully we don't get attacked here before I get hold of that poison or I'll be worried for everyone.
                  • Accept Quest
                    • Laniakea: Thank you!
                    • Laniakea: Fugu are not easy to find, I've seen only a few in my life. I do believe that this island has the correct climate for them to thrive. I recall hearing that they tend to be found in warmer waters. One last thing before you head off. Fugu are smart fish. You won't be able to catch one with a regular fishing rod and bait; you will need to make some custom equipment. You'll need a fishing rod that will blend in with your environment and a custom fishing lure that shines bright and has a strong odour. If you do this, you may stand a chance at catching one. The island should be able to provide everything you need. Thank you again for agreeing to help.
                    • Player: Well, I wasn't expecting it to be so complicated.
                    • Laniakea: It will be worth it! Once I have the poison, I will be able to comfortably say that I can protect this camp.
                    • (Continues above.)
              • I've got things to do.
          • (After already starting the miniquest:)
        • Tell me about the doll on your belt.
          • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)
    • Er...nothing...
      • (Non-miniquest dialogue.)

Gathering items[edit | edit source]

Old spring[edit | edit source]

Without the spring[edit | edit source]

  • Player receives old spring.
  • Player: Perfect, a spring. It looks strong enough that I can use this as the base for the fishing lure.

With the spring[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I already have one of these springs sitting around somewhere, I don't need another.

Shimmering feather[edit | edit source]

Without the feather[edit | edit source]

  • Player receives shimmering feather.
  • Player: I bet I could use this to make my fishing lure more attractive for the fish Laniakea has asked me to catch.

With the feather[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I already have one of these feathers sitting around somewhere, I don't need another.

Block of stone[edit | edit source]

Investigating rocks[edit | edit source]

Without the block[edit | edit source]
  • Player receives block of stone.
  • Player: There's a strange looking rock here. I wonder if the Archaeologists back at camp can tell me anything about it?
With the block[edit | edit source]
  • Player: I already have one of these sitting around somewhere, I don't think I need another.

Talking to Alpheus or Eliza with the block of stone in your inventory[edit | edit source]

  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: Ooo, what have you got there?
  • Player: I'm not too sure, it was a rock I found whilst looking for a Fugu.
  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: A what?
  • Player: Just an awkward to find fish... It doesn't really matter, can you tell me anything about the rock?
  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: Well, it's just a rock. But it does look like there is something inside. I'll see if I can get it out for you.
  • Player has block of stone removed from them. Player receives dirty stick.
  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: It looks like an old piece of jungle wood, you could do with cleaning it up a little. I have a bucket sitting around which would be suitable.
  • Player: Thanks, I probably could have smashed that up myself though.
  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: It's not as easy as it looks. Maybe one day I could teach you.

Talking to Alpheus or Eliza with the dirty stick[edit | edit source]

  • [Alpheus/Eliza]: You really should clean up that dirty stick, it may be of use when clean. I have a bucket sitting around which you're welcome to use, it's a bit mucky but will do the job.

Washing at the mucky water[edit | edit source]

With the dirty stick in the backpack[edit | edit source]

After washing the dirty stick[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I don't have anything I can clean in here.

Herby meat[edit | edit source]

Finding ancient arbuck[edit | edit source]

  • Player receives ancient arbuck.
  • Player: This is one old looking herb, it really smells. I wonder if I could use this with some meat to make the fishing lure Laniakea said I needed.

Investigating the strange foliage again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I already have one of these herbs sitting around somewhere, I don't need another.

Combining the ancient arbuck with the raw arcane apoterrasaur meat[edit | edit source]

  • Player has ancient arbuck and raw arcane apoterrasaur meat removed from them. Player receives herby meat.
  • Player: Wow, that meat smells, I'm not sure if it's a vile or pleasant smell. Regardless, this should work as bait for the fishing lure.
  • Nothing interesting happens.

Jungle vine[edit | edit source]

Without the item[edit | edit source]

  • Player receives jungle vine.
  • Player: This vine is pretty strong. I bet I could use this as a fishing line.

With the item[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I already have one of these vines sitting around somewhere, I don't need another.

Using the immaculate jungle stick on the jungle vine[edit | edit source]

Custom fishing lure[edit | edit source]

Without all the items[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I think I'm missing something to make this fishing lure.

Combining herby meat, shimmering feather and the old spring[edit | edit source]

Strange fishing spot[edit | edit source]

Without the correct equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Something very odd is swimming down there, I don't think I should take a look.

With the correct equipment[edit | edit source]

  • The player fishes for Fugu.
  • Player receives Fugu.
  • Player: Wow, I caught that quick. It's not a very pretty looking fish.

Afterwards, before completing the miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've already caught a Fugu, I don't think I need another.

After completing the miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've already caught a Fugu for Laniakea, I don't think I need another.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

  • Laniakea: Wow, a Fugu, you actually managed to find one. Thank you!
  • Player: Well, it wasn't easy.
  • Laniakea: Well I appreciate the help, I'll get started on the poison right away. Before I forget, take this as a reward for your help. I found it close to our camp. I'm not really sure what it is, maybe you can find a use for it?
  • Player has Fugu removed from them. Player receives Totem of Intimidation middle.
  • Player: Oh wow, it's a totem piece. This will be really useful, thanks!
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Helping Laniakea (miniquest)' - Complete this Novice miniquest.