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Before completing the Archaeology tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Helen: Hey, I'm Associate Helen! I'm the resident soil expert. For now, you should just talk with Acting Guildmaster Reiniger, but when you have questions about soil, come and talk to me!

After completing the Archaeology tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Helen: Hi, I'm Associate Helen! Want me to dig the dirt on soil?
  • Player: You really need to work on your jokes, but sure.
  • Helen: Great! First up, you should know that each site has a unique soil, but functionally they all work the same.
  • Player: What are the different soil types?
  • Helen: Well, Kharid-et has ancient gravel. The Infernal Source contains fiery brimstone, and Everlight has saltwater mud. You'll find aerated sediment up at Stormguard, and down in the Warforge is earthen clay.
  • Player: How do they differ?
  • Helen: Only in what you might find in them when putting it through the screening station here. Where you got your grubby little mitts on the soil determines which materials and artefacts you might find when screening it.
  • Player: Soil can contain artefacts?
  • Helen: Well, artefacts tend to be large, and soil mostly contains materials and other smaller finds...but you can rarely find a figurative diamond in the rough. I suppose the other thing you should know is that all soils are tradeable, so don't feel like you have to get your hands dirty. I'm sure there are plenty of interns out there happy to do it for some extra credit. And materials are tradeable too, so you also don't have to gather all the materials you need to restore an artefact by yourself. You could benefit from the hard work of others...if you are willing to pay, of course.
  • Player: Thanks for the info. Also, you make a lot of dirty jokes. Don't ever change.

Using a cup of tea[edit | edit source]

  • Helen: Aaah, nothing like a nice cuppa tea!
  • (If the tea was soil tea:)
    • Congratulations! you have completed: 'Teacher's Pet' - Bring Helen the perfect cup of tea at the Archaeology campus.