Dialogue for Hegir

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, can I ask you a question?
  • Hegir: Oh yes, young [boy/girl]? Yes, what do you want?
  • Haera: Who's that you're talking to Hegir?
  • Hegir: Let me see, [he/she] appears to be a human of some sort. What was your name again, human?
  • Player: [Player's name].
  • Hegir: It's [Player's name]!
  • Haera: Well ask [him/her] what [he/she] wants then!
  • Hegir: What do you want, human?
  • Player: Errr... I don't know... A quest, maybe?
  • Hegir: [He/She] says [he's/she's] looking for [his/her] quest!
  • Haera:What makes [him/her] think [he/she] lost [his/her] quest in here?
  • Hegir: What makes you think you lost your quest in here?
  • Player: No no, I mean, do you have a task of some sort for me?
  • Hegir: Now [he/she] says [he/she] wants a task!
  • Haera: Stop talking to that human and get back in here before I have a task for you!
  • Hegir: No need to talk to me like that, Haera.
  • Haera: I'll talk to you in whatever way I like!
  • Player: I think I hear someone calling my name in the distance...