Transcript of Heart of Stone journal entry

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  • I spoke to Ariane and Xenia, who fought briefly before Xenia used a strange teleport. Ariane asked me to meet her outside the Old Wizards' Tower.
  • Ariane told me that Xenia stole some of Ariane's research before murdering one of her colleagues. I agreed to help find Xenia.
  • Ariane introduced me to a prototype tracking golem named Kipple. With my help, Kipple was able to pinpoint the locations Xenia has visited.
  • Xenia had been interfering with constructs purporting to speak for the elder gods themselves, but Kipple and I were unable to catch up to Xenia herself.
  • Eventually Kipple and I found Xenia, who was attempting to drain all magic from the world in order to starve the dormant elder gods.
  • Ariane prevented Xenia from completing her ritual, but inadvertently allowed a monster from the Abyss to cross into our realm.
  • Ariane, Kipple and I managed to defeat the abyssal creature, but not before it issued an ominous warning.