Transcript of Hazeel Cult journal entry

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  • I spoke to Sir Ceril Carnillean at his house, and agreed to help him investigate the theft of a family heirloom.
  • I found a member of the cult called Clivet at the entrance to the cults hideout, south of Ardougne.
  • He told me a pack of lies about the Carnilleans, then asked me to join the cult.
  • Obviously, I refused.
  • I was still no closer to recovering the missing armour.
  • I managed to enter the hideout, kill the cult leader and retrieve the armour. I discovered that Jones the Butler was secretly a member of the cult and a traitor.
  • I returned the armour, but Cent didn't believe Jones was involved with the cult and was responsible for the theft.
  • I found undeniable evidence that the Butler was involved with the cult and gave it to Ceril. My name was cleared and I graciously accepted the reward for all of my help.