Dialogue for Hazeel

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Hazeel's Cult[edit | edit source]

  • Hazeel: My loyal followers. I have pride in you all. Never did I expect to return to this land. I see I have much to attend to.
  • Hazeel: Soon this world will cower once more at the name of Hazeel, and my fury will blaze across mine enemies just as my loyal followers gain their rewards.
  • Hazeel turns to look at you directly
  • Hazeel: Adventurer. I know that thy efforts were principal in my return to this plane of existence. I offer you my thanks directly.
  • Hazeel: You may not be a follower of Zamorak directly but your cunning and treachery mark you as a friend to the mahjarrat. Rest assured; I will call on your assistance again.
  • Hazeel: Weak as I am now, my strength shall return, and my followers will be greatly rewarded when my powers peak once more. Join me in my cause as my servant, and all the riches of this plane shall be yours to share, in domination over all who oppose my kind. You would be wise to pledge yourself now while you still may.
  • Player: I serve nobody but myself.
  • Hazeel: Your insolence shall be overlooked this time for I am in truth in your debt. Come close: I shall reward you wealth such as you deserve.
  • Hazeel: Although your true reward will be later, when Zamorak and I, together, lay waste to this miserable planet, and you are spared as an ally to us.
  • Hazeel: And now I must leave you loyal subjects for time is short, and I have many pressing matters to address before I may make my return. I must leave now, and head Northwards
  • Hazeel: to join my fellow mahjarrat and regain my strength and powers. I shall return when I am ready to fight my enemies and much blood shall flow across these lands!

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

When discussing who to sacrifice

  • General Khazard: Indeed, any of these fools will suffice, why not Wahisietel?
  • Hazeel: Indeed.

During the fight with Sir Tiffy and Idria, he says one of the following phrases when he reaches 0lp, after which he heals

  • Hazeel: This isn't over yet!
  • Hazeel: It'll take more than that to destroy me!
  • Hazeel: No, I'll not be the one to die today!

After Lucien is killed

  • Hazeel: Hmph.