Transcript of Haunted Mine journal entry

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  • I met a fanatic Saradominist just outside the Morytanian mines. He told me that the mines had been sealed, but contained within them crystals of a great power over evil.
  • I managed to get into the mines via a thin tunnel high up in the mountains.
  • Now I must reach the lower levels where apparently the crystals can be found.
  • I managed to start the lift which allowed me to get to the lower levels.
  • Now I can continue my search for the crystals.
  • The lower levels of the mine were too dark to navigate.
  • I had to use a glowing fungus from the upper levels to Light the way.
  • I found a key in the lower levels. I had to fight a powerful ghost who tried to prevent me taking it.
  • I used this key to reach the legendary crystals, from which I cut a salve shard to aid in fighting the undead.