Dialogue for Harmony pillar farmer

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  • Farmer: Welcome to the home of the greatest potion-making secrets of Clan Meilyr! We freely share knowledge among ourselves. Outsiders, however, must trade.
  • Player: Do you have anything to sell?
    • Farmer: Yes, I may provide seeds to grow harmony moss, or recipes for combination potions.
  • Player: What can you tell me about these pillars?
    • Farmer: The inner workings of harmony pillars are a mystery. Our research indicates that they're powered by the skills of whoever plants a harmony moss seed, which I can provide you with - for a price. The skill a pillar relates to changes each day, or when it is fully sated and harvested. Once a seed is placed, it is irrevocable and you must finish the harvest before it will change. The moss will not grow over time. Only as you grow shall it grow.
  • Player: How much harmony moss have I harvested?
    • Farmer: Hmm, what was the name again? Ah - yes. There we go. By my count you've harvested [number] units.