Dialogue for Harley

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  • HARLEY Please don't kick me. I've got a killer headache.
  • PLAYER You're a skull.
  • HARLEY Yeah, so, like, a core component of a head. So, headache.
  • PLAYER You're a cyclops skull.
  • HARLEY We get headaches worse than anyone, you know, because eye strain.
  • PLAYER You're a talking cyclops skull.
  • HARLEY I will absolutely kill you if that means I get my headache medicine sooner.
  • PLAYER You're an evil talking cyclops skull.
  • HARLEY No, no, not evil, just in pain. Now, medicine?
  • PLAYER None on me, I'm afraid, but I can drop you off somewhere?
  • HARLEY It's not like my message said to bring medicine or anything, but sure, why not, 'drop me off' somewhere and I'll just make my own way back here, shall I? Good thinking. Top marks.
  • PLAYER Wow, there's no need for that.
  • HARLEY Sorry, I just get a tad irascible when MY HEAD HURTS.