Transcript of Happy 10th Birthday to our German RuneScape Players!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] It’s been ten years since we launched RuneScape in German.
[00:04] But also, it’s the ten year anniversary
of a fantastic, creative community,
[00:08] so we all wanted to say: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
[00:12] Yes, ten years ago, the German version of RuneScape went live,
[00:15] so we wanted to take this chance to thank you
[00:18] and got a bunch of J-Mods together to say:
[00:20] Happy 10th anniversary!
[00:30] Alles Gute suu...
That was like French, that was a weird one.
[00:38] *instant panic*
[00:50] Oh, why can’t I do that, what the §(%/§ is wrong with me.
[00:56] I just looked over there.
§(%/§ that, I’m doing it again.
[01:09] Oh yeah, I knew that.
Just wanted to check you knew.
[01:29] *dying animal noises*
How do I say it again?
[01:39] No.

  • he gave up*

[01:55] I can’t…
I honestly cannot say that second one.
[02:02] Alles Gute zum ss...
I can't say that one.
[02:06] Zana... *Zanaris?*
Oh my god, that word is really hard.
[02:09] Alles Güt... Oh, I need a break as well.
This is really tough not in English.
[02:13] Did you guys wanna try the hard one?
[02:18] With three people. I mean you can try.
[02:32] How was that?
[02:40] Dear German-speaking communtiy,
happy 10th anniversary!
[02:44] Here's to the next ten years.
Thank you!
[02:48] Can I stop smiling?
[03:00] Dear German-speaking community,
happy 10th anniversary.
[03:03] Here’s to the next ten!
[03:15] Happy birthday!
We’re looking forward to many more years with you!
[03:21] *she wrote it down phonetically in French*
[03:43] That was really good!
[03:47] Dear German-speaking community,
thank you for ten amazing years.
[03:54] Was that right?
[04:34] Well done! Yeah, that was good.
[04:39] - Close? Close enough.
- Yeah!
[04:53] Well done!
[04:58] Can we do that again, please?