Transcript of Hannibus Hunted

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My time in this cave has been relaxing and it has been good to distance myself from the folly of the people of Gielinor, but it is a short-lived peace.

The witch Enakhra is still hunting me, even after all these years. I had hoped that I would be forgotten about; allowed to live out my last few years away from all of this conflict. I'm not that lucky.

Enakhra... Why did it have to be her?

It is worse knowing that she has taken it upon herself to collect trophies for Zamorak, in the form of petrified foes. Death I could prepare for - I would be able to join the spirits of my people in the Forest Beyond - but an eternity of stone? I would be neither alive nor dead - trapped in that torment forever. It's a nightmare that doesn't bear thinking about, though I can do little else.

I have moved on from this temporary sanctuary now.

I've left my dragon in his cave. He has been a loyal and good friend, and I think it's best to distance myself from him. If I am to be hunted down, at least he might have a chance this way. Our goodbye was painful, but I think he understood.

I shall travel now, as far away from my old haunts as possible. It might throw her off the scent, if I'm lucky.

But luck has not been my ally for quite some time now.