Dialogue for Hamal the Chieftain

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First time after Mountain Daughter quest

  • Hamal the Chieftain: You are a most unusual outerlander. The council of Rellekka was wise to make you an honourary Fremennik. You have my thanks, in any case.
  • (continues below)

Talking to Hamal afterwards

  • Hamal the Chieftain: Greetings once again, honourable [Fremennik name].
  • (continues below)

Standard dialogue

  • Player: Greetings, Hamal. I have good news. I have been to the afterlife and can tell you that your daughter made it there safe and sound.
  • Hamal the Chieftain: That is wonderful news, and most auspicious. I thank you again, [Fremennik name].
    • Well, I must be off again.
      • Player: That's all very interesting, but I must be off again.
      • Hamal the Chieftain: Safe journey, outerlander.
    • What exactly happened to your daughter?
      • Player: What exactly happened to your daughter?
      • Hamal the Chieftain: I cannot exactly say. I believe some of her spirit must have fused with the pool she loved so much. She is no longer my daughter, but the daughter of the mountain. We will stay here, under her protection. With our new food supplies we will be able to stay here for many years more.
    • I thought you didn't believe in magic?
      • Player: I thought you didn't believe in magic?
      • Hamal the Chieftain: How little do you understand our ways. Of course we believe in magic, we merely believe it is not for the living to wield it. Many spirits are connected with the earth or the water. There is the Draugen, for instance, a malovelent[sic] spirit.
      • Player: Oh yeah, I ran into him.
      • Hamal the Chieftain: Have you? We do not approve of the Fremennik hunt, the Draugen should be left alone, evil though it is. And perhaps you have also come across the Fossegrimen?
      • Player: Yes, I have.
      • Hamal the Chieftain: Now that is a spirit that is quite different from the Draugen... she is, perhaps, not entirely dissimilar to the Mountain Dottir.
      • Player: The mountain what?
      • Hamal the Chieftain: You would call her mountain daughter. Asleif is no longer my daughter, she belongs to the mountains now.
    • I think you're all mad.
      • Player: I think you're all mad. You, the guy in the bearsuit, Ragnar... you're all completely mad! I think the cold got to your brains! I mean, your daughter was missing for 14 years and you still thought she was just missing! And you ignored and walled in the bearman because you thought he was a god! What were you people thinking?
      • Hamal the Chieftain: Yet you participated in what you call madness, outerlander. You are perhaps not so different from any of us.
    • If you have lost your Bearhead
      • Have you seen my helmet?
        • Player: Excuse me, have you seen my helmet?
        • Hamal the Chieftain: You appear to be wearing one on your head...
        • Player: No no, not this one, the bear one! You know!
        • Hamal the Chieftain: Oh, yes... as a matter of fact we did find such a helmet inside the cave. We had a look in there after you killed the abomination that used to live inside. Here, take it. You should take proper care of this, trophies from your enemy are an important keepsake.
        • (dialogue terminates)