Transcript of Haemalchemy (Vol. 2)

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Index[edit | edit source]

Contained within this tome are the recipes for powerful blood concoctions.

Only those who have earned the trust of vampyres past can master haemalchemy.

Be warned: consuming blood essence in large quantities can have negative and unforeseen effects on the body.

Vampyric blood essence[edit | edit source]

Modify your red blood cells to imbibe the oxygen, haemoglobin and energy from the wounds of organisms that you strike in melee.

4 doses of Super Zamorak Brew
100x congealed blood

Penance blood essence[edit | edit source]

This essence will force a controlled amount of your blood cells and anti-bodies to prematurely die off in a sacrifice to greater powers.

4 doses of Super Guthix rest
100x congealed blood
100 vyre corpses burned

Aegis blood essence[edit | edit source]

Platelet activity is increased ten-fold, and white blood cells will also take on a temporary mineral-like state to make the blood viscous and absorb kinetic energy.

4 doses of Guthix balance
100x congealed blood
200 vyre corpses burned

Reflecting blood essence[edit | edit source]

Completely alters the structure of white blood cells to exude a force field that reflects energy.

4 doses of Super Saradomin brew
100x congealed blood
300 vyre corpses burned

Berserk blood essence[edit | edit source]

This essence will passively increase the amount of testosterone in your blood, and when consumed it will flush a near-lethal dose of the hormone around your system.

4 doses of Weapon poison++
100x congealed blood
400 vyre corpses burned

Tireless blood essence[edit | edit source]

Duplicates any epinephrine molecules in your blood plasma to grant a sudden energy boost. Do not activate this blood essence often in short timeframes.

4 doses of Super restore
100x congealed blood
500 vyre corpses burned

Independence of Blood[edit | edit source]

This recipe, once consumed, can temporary sate a blood-dependent being from the hunger and need for blood to survive; however...

(The remaining writing is illegible and the rest of the pages are ripped out.)