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This official God letter is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 11 October 2004.

Issue 25 - Guthix Reiterates[edit | edit source]

Guthix (God Letters).png

Guthix returns yet again to answer those questions that other deities show no interest in answering, and to further define his own strange philosophies.

Topics of note in this edition of the letters include: the secret purpose of sheep, the mysterious freneskae, people who think RuneScape is just a computer game, and how to spell Gielinor.

Greetings once more, dedicated followers of balance.

Since last I spoke to thee, the queries of mine followers hath flowed thick and fast, and to staunch the tides of ignorance I have returned once more to show thee the truth of thine suppositions. Time awaits for no man nor deity, and so let us proceed with the first of thy queries...

Lord guthix i ask you this saradomin and zamrock are human, but what are you? a lion? my freind said you were a frog, please tell me what u are, human, lion, frog or whatever

From thy list, I am compelled to select thy option "whatever".

I am Guthix, this should be enough for thee.

Dear Guthix,

I was wondering do you think Pking is right?


I consider it necessary for the overall good of this realm; that is not the same thing as considering it to be "right".

I make no judgement on the "rightness" or otherwise of slaying thy fellow man, for circumstance must always dictate thy actions in the pursuit of balance.

Dear Guthix,

First let me state right off the bat that I have extreme respect for your ideals and opinions. Secondly, there is something that is troubling me greatly. Why is it that your brothers have such an uncanny knack for choosing to answer letters of the most trivial nature? Is it just a pity that Saradomin has, and a desire to pick on noobs for Zamorak, or do most followers of your brothers just have a lack of intellect?

Curiously wondering,

Senor Tamale

The pleas chosen by myself and mine brethren oft reflect those issues that are most representative of the pleas that we hath received from our followers.

Should thou consider the questions raised to be trivial, thou shouldst be aware that often when such seemingly obvious replies are given, it is because the same question hath been asked many times by many different people, and some small illumination from a higher power will often stem the flow of such queries.

dear guthix, i was wondering, why do you say words like thou and thy and stuff like that, while your brothers do not? --iamyourboo2 AKA Roadkill

I hath been inactive upon this world for many centuries, and mine speech is that as I hath always used; the way of language is such that I willst not change that which I hath already learnt, for names and words change so quickly over the millenia that it would be an endless task.

As to why my brethren still talk as though they are fully versed in modern speech, it is because they wish to appear like their followers, and desire their followers to believe that they somehow have something in common, when in truth they are utterly alien to thy entire species. They hath also the advantage of me in having been present upon this land when I didst slumber.

If thou pay close attention to the phrases they use and their speech however, thou might ascertain that they keep up the pretense only most of the time, and sometimes lapse into the older phrases and words that they used when first they learnt thy language...

Dear Almighty Keeper Of Ballance,

Through the years that I have wandered the land of Runescape, I have encountered many inhabitants who are under the impression that life in this land is merely a game. At first I just tossed aside this suggestion, but as the numbers of these eccentric people have has increased, so has my concern for the mental condition of my fellow Gielendorians. I know that I myself frequently have strange dreams of a highly advanced civilization, but I always wake up to my home land of Runescape. I am not foolish enough to believe that my dreams are real. So I ask you to grant our fair land with a psychiatrist that those poor souls may find the help that they most desperatly need. Or, if that is not possible, could you at least publicly state the truth that all may know it?


Ray VonWolf.

P.S. I am sending this to you because you are the only one I trust to tell the truth on this matter. Saradomin would probably use some saying like 'Truth is in the eye of the beholder' and Zamorak would cook up some lie about the eccentrics being correct in their belief.
Knight at computer.jpg

I have oft heard rumours that spirits from other dimensions do stake a claim upon this one, for reasons of their own. Having no form of their own, they take control of citizens from this world and control them for their own amusement, even going so far as to force them into slaughtering innocent men and women for the greed of what ever possessions they may drop upon their death, or even just for the sheer fun of it.

It doth sound like thou hath mayhaps been possessed by one of these strange and often malicious spirits, and that it hath left after images of its own life from its own dimension upon you... I suggest thee dwell not on whatever malignant thoughts thou might hath been left with, for the dimensions that such spirits come from are often places of great hardship, far removed from the tranquil land of Gielinor.

Dear Guthix,

While browsing through your replies to certain inquiries, I came across a small inconsistency. In Letters 16, you mentioned that "Gielinor" is the true name of the world that most choose to simply call "RuneScape." In Letters 19, though, the second "i" mysteriously changed to an "e" and the name became "Gielenor."

What happened here? A typo? A secret plot by one of your brothers? Perhaps the name simply adjusted to fit some unknown need?

This linguistical transformation has been teasing my brain since I noticed it, and I'm hoping for you to clear the truth for all who are similarly plagued.

Safe travels,


P.S. Balance is power!

I changed the spelling of Gielinor, for in truth I believed I had made an error in my own spelling; the language mortals use if transient, and changes often. The places I once knew as Avarrocka and Farradorn hath been long forgotten in thy tongue, and been replaced with changed versions in the common tongue. I simply assumed that when those who wrote to me used the name gielenor rather than gielinor that a similar corruption of the old name had occurred, and I didst not wish to cause confusion through mine answers.

Sadly it seems as though this decision has had the opposite effect...

Another few questions for you guthix =)
  1. What race are you?
  2. Any way i can become your race?
  3. Why can't i be your race?
  4. What does guthix stand for or mean?
  5. I know that you can change into different things...can you turn into anything? I may have already asked that...
  6. If you can turn into anything then you are the best "god" on runescape. I know this Because then you could turn into saradomin or zamorak.
  7. What is the hardest thing to kill for non-members?
  8. Which is your better friend, saradomin the goody goody, or zamorak the evil one ,,,,,';..;',,,,, ?
  9. Can a non-member get a Guthix staff, or the awesome (like you) rune Guthix armor?
  10. Why is the color of your rune Guthix armor green? Is it for nature?
  11. If someone made instant water what would they mix it with?
  12. Which is better range or mellee or magic?
  13. Which do you practice?
  14. You should have a better weapon in your name than Guthix staff... why not like a guthix mace with a big metal skull at the end with 100 aim and 100,000,000,000 power? Is it because noone would be able to afford it?
  15. Am i annoying you?

Sorry about all the questions,

  1. I hath no race, I am unique in all of the worlds. I am simply Guthix.
  2. Such a task would be impossible
  3. Thou repeat thyself, but I do not.
  4. It stands for balance. It means my name.
  5. I may take the appearance of anything. To appear to be something is not the same thing as actually being something...
  6. This is a statement, not a question...
  7. Elvarg is the most challenging foe that those who choose not to pay the council's tithe may face.
  8. That is like asking if thou consider thy right foot or thy left foot to be a better friend; they both serve a necessary purpose, but are not my comrades except by necessity.
  9. The staff honouring my name is available only to those who pay the tithe, the armour honouring me may be worn freely upon the free worlds, but must be first purchased from a member who hath had the good fortune to find it.
  10. Green was the colour chosen by the armourer to honour me with.
  11. Two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen. I hath used this recipe before, I know that it works.
  12. Thy question is flawed, for it depends entirely upon circumstance.
  13. I practice nothing except the concept and pursuit of balance.
  14. I control not the actions of my followers in how they choose to honour me, and the weapon of which thou speak wouldst seem... against mine very nature in its overpowering strength.
  15. Only as much as any other mortal does.
Dear Guthix,

Oh, great lord of balance, I have a few questions for you, as you are my chosen leader. Allow me to list them thusly.

  1. Why do the undead carry so much fishing bait? Is fishing bait made out of the undead? If so, who started that? If not, what exactly is it made out of?
  2. Do you have a / some sacred animal(s) that you favor i.e. Athena with her thing for owls, Freya's love for cats, or Zeus' eagle? It'd be great if you did so that we Guthix-worshippers could have something a little more concrete to protect and worship to show our devotion.
  3. Where can I find some toad-flax? I've been looking for it for a while.

Ever thankful,

Ever balanced,

1) Although often used as fishing bait, the objects actually dropped by zombies are maggots. To ask who started that, I would have to answer that it was the flies that feast upon carrion and bear their eggs there.
2) I respect the sheep, for their purpose is essential, albeit secret. Some day the rest of you mortals might discover the true power of the sheep, innocent in appearance but essential in bearing, and realise why they shelter under my protection for the time being.
3) Thou mayst consider a journey to the agility arena secreted upon Brimhaven, for thou willst be able to purchase Toad-flax there.
Dear Guthix,

I am a curious adventurer who has been traveling the realm we all know as RuneScape for quite some time, and in my travels I have noticed many things and seen many different parts of the world. Still, many things about this land confuse me, and I have uncertainties in this time of great change. Amidst all this great change, I continually ask myself questions that although may appear uninteresting to other adventurers, these questions would more than intrigue me and make me think a lot about such things. Being that you are one of the deities that are currently prevalent in RuneScape, I feel that I could benefit from whatever wisdom you may have. I would ask Saradomin or Zamorak instead, but sometimes I think they have their own agendas without whom they created in mind, and would rather not ask someone with what presumably may be bias. Here are my questions:

  1. As I understand it, you have been asleep for many millenia, and the gods Saradomin and Zamorak have usurped the world you once presided over.

    Saradominists have told me tales of how there are only three gods: Saradomin, You, and Zamorak. In my travels however I have learned that there are many more RuneScape gods than just the three. There has been talk of Zaros, and Armadyl, both of which supposedly share the opposite relationship as Saradomin and Zamorak do. Do you feel that this could mean trouble for you if more of these gods came to power, and left you as the only powerless god? Apparently, Zaros is more evil than Zamorak, or so many have said, but as he is a lesser known god, there is little harm I can see... Yet.
  2. The druids that follow you use a craft called Herblore to do many strange and very beneficial things. Many warriors and adventurers have found potions to be a source of strength in both combat and everyday tasks. However, as far as I know, Saradominists (And possibly Zamorakians too) shun these druids for their craft as well as you. Yet I see many adventurers who are either Zamorakian or Saradominist USING this craft... The number of users is increasing almost daily. Some even speak in whispers to me about how Zamorakians highly experienced in the craft of Herblore can create a potion to honor Zamorak himself! Apparently the ingredients are Torstol as the herb, and Jangerberries as the secondary ingredient. I myself have experimented with this craft, yet I am not quite sure which god I follow as of now in this time of uncertainty. I was taught this craft by one of your followers, Kaqemeex. How do you feel about these followers of these opposite gods using the craft that your followers, the druidic people, use? Do you feel that perhaps one day their followers may use this craft against you?
  3. Of course, no traveler in modern day RuneScape can scour the world without coming across the area orth of the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia known quite bluntly as "The Wilderness". A wasteland of esolation and death, and ultimately the realm of Zamorak. Many adventurers fall prey here to other dventurers who are simply there to kill, known by many as "PKers". Harrowing tales have come from people who have spoken to who have made it out with barely their lives of Dragons, Demons, overgrown poisonous spiders, and adventurers touched by Zamorak himself, twisting their minds so that they may serve his chaotic ways. Little is known about this place in general, except that Zamorak is the ruler of this domain. Is there any lore of how the area we know as the Wilderness came to be? I have heard only tales, never any actual lore or written history. Many have spoken to me about speculation that this area was where the gods warred with one another and the result at the end was this place, or how it was once a peaceful, grand kingdom that fell prey to war itself, and the war caused this devastation. However all I have heard is hearsay, no truth to it. Has this history been lost?
  4. I have also come across the Lost City of Zanaris, and all it has to offer. I have also been in the marketplace there, and there I had come across a fairy named Jakut, who was selling swords of a type of metal called Dragon. The fairy had also told me that these weapons were from a realm called "Frenaskae" or something similar to that effect, however the name or spelling eludes me at this point in time. The guardians of Armadyl who I have also helped in my travels have also told me about this place briefly, but I cannot remember if they said it was a place or person. Either way, it is all very mysterious to me. This realm or person must hold extreme power if they have these weapons made of this material called Dragon that is even more powerful than the Runite or Rune metal we know on RuneScape. Is anything known about this place or person, whatever it may be?
  5. Finally, my last question to you Guthix: I have seen that for each of the gods, or most of them, they have a symbol to depict themselves, or for adventurers to wear when worshiping the gods. Saradomin has a Holy Symbol adventurers can wear, and so does Zamorak, although Unholy. But I am puzzled, why do you not have a symbol? Surely your followers would want to wear your symbol with pride, would they not? It would also help your followers in times of need.

I thank you for taking your time to answer my questions, and hope that I will learn more than I did before


A very curious adventurer,

Brave Bird

I shall answer thy queries as best I may, for I respect those who question the authority and motives of others, and follow not blindly with their beliefs.

  1. I hear the name Zaros many times in queries unto myself, yet as I hath previously stated, the name holds no significance for me. Whatever purpose he held upon this realm has long since decayed, and whatever events that transpired occurred during mine slumbers.

    As loathe as I am to say this, should thou have questions of this being, thou must listen to the words of either Saradomin or Zamorak, yet be aware that the truth of the matter will lie somewhere between both of their answers.

    As for thy concerns that the other deities of this realm might someday combine to exert their powers on this world, this will not happen and I refute thy claim that I am powerless...
  2. I take no concern nor solace in the use of herblore for personal gain, for it teaches those who use such elixirs the respect that must be held for nature, even though consciously they mayst claim otherwise.

    Herblore hath benefits to all, whether it be the strength imparted by the potion of Zamorak, or the increased blessings of Saradomin in prayer restore potions; this is all part of the balance, and serves the truth of mine own power.
  3. I know not the full histories of this region of Gielinor, for when first I came to this realm there were no other inhabitants, and yet it is clear that some civilisation didst once flourish in that accursed area from the ruins and wreckage that thou mayst discover there, but I will tell thee this:

    When first I rose from mine slumbers to discover the arrival on this world of the other deities, petty and spiteful in their ways and cruel and unusual in their demeanours, they were all engaged in fearful war in this part of the land.

    The earth itself was blackened and charred from the force of their pitched battle, and I couldst not stand to see this beautiful planet destroyed in their vainglorious attempts to outdo each other, and thus I bade them cease.

    I know not the exact details that turned this place into such as it now is, I simply know that had I not intervened the entire realm wouldst be in a similar state, if not even worse.
  4. Freneskae is a realm of near constant warfare, that hath developed techniques and weaponry far beyond the inkling of most mortals.

    It hath influenced this land, for many warriors that were used by mine brethren in the wars of the gods came directly from that plane, and when defeated here oft did drop pieces of their strange and powerful equipment as they fell. Such powerful equipment inevitably became prized amongst warriors for both its power and sturdiness, although most warriors desirous of such equipment cared little for its origin.
  5. I hath no symbol of mine own, for acceptance of my beliefs is not a choice of itself; it is rather a rejection of the choices forced upon thee by mine brethren. To follow in the balance is to dismiss the notion that thou must be aligned either one way or the other, or that thou must only take one path in thy life and stray no further.

    In the past certain of my followers have created their own symbols to honour me, for although it seems improper to possess such a symbol in mine own eyes, I dictate not to mine followers how best to proceed other than to guide them in the ways of balance.

    It is not entirely beyond the realms of possibility that some day my ancient symbol may be rediscovered, but I hold no desire that it should be so.

    I wouldst prefer mine followers to bring me honour in their actions, not in their apparel.

And so I must depart once more from thine view, for time never ceases, and nor do my works here.

I trust that you all might see the beauty of balance, as I myself do, and mayhaps strive hard along with me to spread it across the lands.

Until such time as we meet again;

Balance is power-

DISCLAIMER: The views of Guthix do not reflect the views of Jagex Ltd or it's[sic] employees. We tried to prevent him giving away our secrets, but he is a god.