Transcript of Gunnar's Ground journal entry

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  • I met an unhappy dward named Dororan just outside the barbarian village.
  • Dororan, outside the barbarian village, wants me to bring him a gold ring. He specifically wants a ring from Jeffrey in Edgeville.
  • Dororan wants me to engrave the word 'Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery' onto the gold ring with a chisel.
  • I need to show the engraved ring to Dororan, outside the barbarian village.
  • Dororan wants me to take the engraved ring to Gudrun in the barbarian village.
  • He asked that I not reveal that he is a dwarf just yet.
  • Gudrun says that her father, Gunthor, would never allow her to have a relationship with an outsider. She wondered if I could convince him otherwise. He can be found at the longhouse in the barbarian village.
  • Gunthor was not accommodating. He told me to ask Gudrun in the barbarian village what someone called Gunnar would think.
  • Gudrun suggested I see if Dororan, outside the barbarian village, can think of anything to help convince Gunthor.
  • Dororan, outside the barbarian village, is going to try to write a poem to convince Gunthor. I should check on how he's getting on.
  • I need to take the poem to Gudrun in the barbarian village and ask her to read it to her father.
  • I should talk to Gudrun or Dororan in the barbarian village about how the recital went.
  • Dororan has moved into a large house, east of the barbarian village and across the river. The house is north of the road and has roses outside.