Transcript of Gunnar's Ground

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This transcript or section is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: Some dialogue missing. Some dialogue doesn't flow like it should.
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This transcript involves dialogue with Dororan, Jeffery, Kjell, Gudrun, Chieftain Gunthor, Haakon, and the player.

Getting the Ring[edit | edit source]

  • Dororan: 'My heart with burdens heavy does it lie.' 'For never did I...' Um...
  • '...ever learn to fly?'
    • continues below
  • ' redberry pie?'
    • continues below
  • '...get the evil eye?'
    • continues below
  • Dororan: You're a poet too?
  • Yes.
    • Dororan: Ah! Then I'm sure you can identify with the arduous state of my life.
  • Maybe a bit.
    • Dororan: Oh. Then maybe you can identify with the arduous state of my life.
  • No.
    • Dororan: Oh. How can I expect you to identify with the arduous state of my life?
  • Dororan: My heart is stricken with that most audacious of maladies!
  • Angina?
    • continues below
  • Hypertension?
    • continues below
  • Coclearabsidosis?
    • continues below
  • Dororan: Love! The walls of my heart are besieged by love's armies, and those walls begin to tumble! In the barbarian village lives the fairest maiden I have ever witnessed in all my life.
  • What's so special about her?
    • Dororan: I wouldn't know where to start! Her fiery spirit? Her proud bearing? Her winsome form?
    • But why is this making you sad?
      • continues below
    • What do you actually need?
      • continues below
  • Get to the point.
    • continues below
  • Dororan: The people of this village value strength, stature and riches. I have none of these things. My people are indomitable warriors, dripping with gold and precious gems, but not I. I am not built for combat, and poetry has proven a life of poverty!
    • There must be something you can do.
      • continues below
    • Not to mention low stature.
      • Dororan: You see! (continues below)
    • Dororan: If Gudrun could ever love a dwarf, surely she would need to see my artisanry. Will you help me? I am no crafter of metal.
  • (Accept the quest)
  • Dororan: I need a ring of purest gold. Then we can engrave it with the words of my heart. Oh! I know the perfect place to get a gold ring. Edgeville's metalsmith, Jeffery, labours like myself under the weight of unrequited love. Perhaps, if you took one of my love poems to Jeffery, he would trade it for a gold ring.
Dororan gives you a poem.
  • I have some questions.
    • Dororan: By all means.
    • Does it have to be a ring from Jeffery?
      • Dororan: Yes! Jeffery's rings are timeless works of incomparable romantic splendour.
    • Where is Edgeville?
      • Dororan: North of here, beyond a ruined fortress. It used to be a bustling den of cutthroats but it's quite quiet these days.
    • Why can't you go yourself?
      • Dororan: Some time ago, Jeffery asked me for advice in acting on his affections. I gave him the best advice that I could. Things didn't work out very well for him. One thing led to another and now he no longer wishes to speak to me.
    • Why can't you give a poem directly to Gudrun?
      • Dororan: These love poems are written in the Misthalinian style. A noble barbarian maiden would be insulted, not flattered.
    • You want me to trick her into thinking you made the ring?
      • Dororan: Oh no, nothing like that! I have the words, I just need your help with the tools.
  • I'll return with a ring from Jeffery.
    • Closes dialogue

Trading for the Ring[edit | edit source]

  • Jeffery: Keep it quick. What do you want?
  • I'm here about a gold ring.
    • Jeffery: You want to buy a gold ring? You want to sell a gold ring? You want to ask pointless questions about gold rings?
    • I was hoping you would trade me a gold ring.
      • Jeffery: Trade you? Trade you for what?
      • This splendid love poem.
        • continues below
      • Some old love poem or something.
        • continues below
      • Jeffery: A love poem? What? Wait...that dwarf put you up to this, didn't he?
      • Yes, he did.
        • continues below
      • I don't know any dwarf.
        • Jeffery: I recognise his awful handwriting.
        • continues below
      • Jeffery: That cheeky little... He can't just leave it alone, can he? Fine! I'll trade you for the poem. What is it you want?
      • Just a plain, gold ring.
        • continues below.
      • The most valuable diamond ring you have.
        • Jeffery: Well, all I have is this plain, gold ring. That will have to do.
      • -- Jeffery trades you a gold ring for the poem. --
      • Jeffery: Now, leave me in peace!
    • Actually, forget it.
      • Closes dialogue

Returning the Ring to Dororan[edit | edit source]

  • Dororan: 'I await in eagerness for a loop of lustrous grandeur.' No, that just sounds ridiculous. Have you brought me a ring from Jeffery?
  • Player: I have one right here.
You show Dororan the ring from Jeffery.
  • Dororan: Thank you! That's exactly what I need! Now, would you engrave something on it for me?
    • What do you want me to engrave?
      • continues below
    • It had better be something impressive.
      • continues below
  • Dororan: I've given this some thought. 'Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery.'
  • How do I engrave that?
    • continues below
  • That sounds simple enough.
    • continues below
  • Dororan: Just use a chisel on the gold ring.
  • Do you have a chisel I can use?
    • Dororan: Yes, here you go.
    • Dororan gives you a chisel.
  • Isn't a chisel a bit clumsy for that?
    • Dororan: I've seen jewelcrafters use them for all sorts of precise work.
  • Okay.

(Closes dialogue)

You engrave 'Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery' onto the ring.
  • Dororan: Is it done? Have you created a work of magnificent beauty?
  • It's come out perfectly.
    • -- You show Dororan the engraved ring. --
    • Dororan: You're right! It's perfect!
  • How does this look?
    • -- You show Dororan the engraved ring. --
    • Dororan: Brilliant! That's perfect!
  • It's a complete disaster.
    • -- You show Dororan the engraved ring. --
    • Dororan: I don't know what you mean: it's perfect!
  • Dororan: Will you do one more thing for me?
  • Of course.
    • continues below
  • What now?
    • continues
  • Dororan: I fear she will only judge this poor book by its cover. Would you take the ring to Gudrun for me?
  • Very well.
    • continues below.
  • I hope this is going somewhere.
    • continues below.
  • Dororan: Please don't tell her I'm a dwarf just yet.
  • Where is she?
    • Dororan: Inside the barbarian village.
  • I'm on it.
    • (Closes dialogue)

If talking to Dororan again before delivering the ring

  • Dororan: Please take the ring to Gudrun for me.

Promoting the Courtship[edit | edit source]

Barbarian Village[edit | edit source]

  • Kjell: Gudrun! You caught enough fish?
  • Gudrun: Yes! I have plenty of fish!
  • Kjell: Your father needs many fish to feed the freemen!
  • Gudrun: I know!
  • Kjell: Maybe you should sneak off to the outerlander city again? Buy fish in market, instead of catching them?
  • Gudrun: Shut up! I'm much better at fishing than you.
  • Kjell: You are not!
  • Gudrun: Just guard the hut like the chieftain told you to!
  • Kjell: Fine!
  • Gudrun: Stupid barbarian. Sorry about that, stranger. Did you want something?
  • Player: Are you Gudrun?
  • Gudrun: Yes.
  • Player: This is for you.
You show Gudrun the ring.
  • Gudrun: It's lovely! There's something written on it: 'Gudrun the Fair, Gudrun the Fiery.' Is it about me?
  • Yes.
    • continues below
  • Presumably.
    • continues below
  • Gudrun: This is a beautiful gift, stranger. Thank you.
  • This ring isn't from me!
    • continues below
  • It should belong to someone just as beautiful.
    • Gudrun: That's very flattering! You look like an adventurer, though?
    • That's right.
      • continues below.
    • Some call me that.
      • Gudrun: I'm sorry, I could never get involved with an adventurer. (Missing Dialogue?)
  • Gudrun: Oh! Who is it from?
  • A great poet.
    • Gudrun: A tale-teller? A bard? My people have great respect for poets.
  • A secret admirer.
    • Gudrun: Does that really happen? How exciting!
  • A short suitor.
    • Gudrun: What?
    • Player: A petite paramour.
    • Gudrun: What?
    • Player: A concise courter!
  • Gudrun: This man, he is from outside the village?
  • Player: Yes.
  • Gudrun: I would love to leave the village and be romanced by exotic, handsome, outerlander men. There's a problem, though.
  • Player: What's that?
  • Gudrun: My papa, the chieftain. He would never let an outerlander pursue me.
  • Player: Why not?
  • Gudrun: He thinks all your people are our enemies.
  • So, you want me to talk to your father?
    • Gudrun: I suppose that might work.
  • So, you want me to kill your father?
    • Gudrun: What? No! could just try talking to him. I've tried to reason with him, but he's impossible! Maybe he'll listen to you. I know some of the others feel the same, but they're loyal to papa.
  • Where is he?
    • Gudrun: In the longhouse at the north end of the village, drinking and shouting.
  • I'll see what I can do.
    • (Closes dialogue)

If talking to Gudrun again before talking to her father

  • Gudrun: If there's anything you can do to make papa see sense, please do it.

Chieftan Gunthor[edit | edit source]

  • Chieftain Gunthor: Begone, outerlander! Your kind are not welcome here!
  • I need to speak with you, chieftain.
    • Chieftain Gunthor: Make it short.
  • Be quiet and listen.
    • Chieftain Gunthor: Make it short.
  • Player: Your daughter seeks permission to court an outerlander.
  • Chieftain Gunthor: WHAT?
  • Your daughter seeks permission to court an outerlander.
    • continues below
  • Are you deaf?
    • continues below
  • Chieftain Gunthor: Do you have ANY idea who we are?
  • You're barbarians.
    • continues below
  • You're a tribe of primitives.
    • continues below
  • Chieftain Gunthor: We are the storm that sweeps from the mountains! We are the scourge of these soft lands!
  • Please wait a moment.
    • continues below
  • Are you finished?
    • continues below
  • Chieftain Gunthor: We are the freemen of the ice. You think this is a settlement, but it is a camp of war!
  • Haakon: Chieftain! May I interrupt?
  • Chieftain Gunthor: What is it, Haakon?
  • Haakon: We have lived here since before the time of my father. Perhaps we are no longer a camp.
  • Chieftain Gunthor: Your father? Do you honour him, Haakon?
  • Haakon: Of course!
  • Chieftain Gunthor: And do you honour Warlord Gunnar?
  • Haakon: Of course, Chieftain!
  • Chieftain Gunthor: Then why do you dishonour his name by abandoning what he fought for? We will honour our fathers and we will honour Gunnar!
  • Haakon: Yes, Chieftain. You are wise. I am sorry.
  • Chieftain Gunthor: You! Outerlander!
  • Player: What?
  • Chieftain Gunthor: We are not friends, you and I! We are not allies! Run back to Gudrun and tell her to remember her forefathers! Tell her to think of Gunnar and what he would think of this insult! Now go, before I have Haakon dismember you.
  • I'm going!
    • (Closes dialogue)
  • I'd like to see him try.
    • Haakon: Come here and say that to my face, outerlander!
  • I'm going to challenge him right now!
    • Haakon: Come here and say that to my face, outerlander!

The Poem[edit | edit source]

  • Gudrun: What did he say?
  • Player: He mentioned someone called Gunnar, and that you should think about his feelings.
  • Gudrun: By the eyeballs of Guthix! Always Gunnar!
  • Who is Gunnar?
    • Gudrun: He was my great-grandpapa! He founded this village a hundred years ago.
    • You don't seem to share your father's attitude towards him.
      • Gudrun: I think there's a difference between respecting my ancestors and obsessing over them. Papa thinks whatever stupid war Gunnar fought is still going on.
      • continues below
  • What should we do now?
    • continues below
  • Gudrun: I don't know. Maybe your mystery man has some ideas.
  • Player: I'll ask him.

Writing the Poem[edit | edit source]

  • Dororan: Did you give Gudrun the ring? What did she think? Did it capture her heart?
  • Player: There's a problem.
  • Dororan: It's because I'm a dwarf, isn't it? Or because I'm a poet? I knew it! I'm completely worthless!
  • No, she liked the ring.
    • Dororan: Oh! Then what's the problem?
  • Would you be quiet for a moment?
    • Dororan: Sorry! Most cruel is fate! Most cruel! Why not?
  • Player: He's obsessed with the stories of his ancestors. He says his people are still at war.
  • Dororan: This village has stood for a hundred years!
  • Player: I heard him arguing with one of the others. He says he honours his ancestors this way.
  • Dororan: Really? Interesting.
  • Do you know a lot about the village's history?
    • Dororan: Not really. I talked with Hunding, who guards this tower here. An idea occurs to me, but it is hubris of the greatest magnitude.
  • What are we going to do?
    • Dororan: An idea occurs to me, but it is hubris of the greatest magnitude.
    • Player: What is it?
    • Dororan: What if I wrote a poem? Forged a sweeping, historical epic? Crafted a tale to touch the chieftain's soul?
    • Player: Will that work?
    • Dororan: To win the heart of my beloved from her father's iron grasp? It is worth it just to try!
Screen fades in and out.
  • Dororan: 'Even the bloodiest rose must settle.' Mixed metaphor. What settles? Detritus. That's hardly flattering. 'Even the rolliest boulder...'
  • Player: How is the poem going?
  • Dororan: I'm stuck! I'm a worthless wordsmith! My work is pointless! My life is pointless!
  • 1. I'm sure that's not true.
    • continues below
  • 2. What's the problem?
    • continues below
  • Dororan: I'm stuck on a word. By the colossus of King Alvis! I can't find the words!
  • Player: Maybe I can help. What sort of word?
  • Dororan: I don't know! I'm not some kind of word scientist. I just feel it out as I go. Maybe you could suggest some words to get me started. Then I can tell you more.
  • Player: Alright, how about, uh...

Possible Incorrect Responses

  • Cucumber/Barbarian/Deviate/Meander/Astray/Beret/Dismay.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to be one syllable long.
  • Saradomin/Roam/Veer/Traipse/Jaunt/Ham/Fey/Grass/Fish.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to rhyme with the word 'day'.
  • Monkey/Hay/May/Tray/Fey.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to mean something like 'wandering aimlessly'.

Correct Response

  • Stray.
    • Dororan: 'And from his righteous purpose never stray.' That fits! It fits perfectly. Right meaning, right length, right rhyme. Well done!
  • Dororan: The poem still isn't finished, though. I have another missing word. Give me another one; anything, to get me started.

Possible Incorrect Responses

  • Stockade/Upset/Brunette/Crisis/Peril/Regret.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to be one syllable long.
  • Longsword/Debt/Sweat/Wet/Length/Set.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to mean something like 'danger'.
  • Dungeoneering/Grass/Storm/Hat/Axe/Risk/Menace/Hazard.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to rhyme with the word 'yet'.

Correct Response

  • Threat.
    • Dororan: 'But long is gone the author of that threat.' Perfect! Yes!
  • Dororan: It's coming together. We're nearly done! One more to go! This one is tricky, though. It's a phrase I need. Someone did something.

Possible Incorrect Responses

  • Threw the ball//Picked a rose/Made a raft/Picked a fight/Tamed a shrew/Shut the door.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to rhyme with the word 'lore'.
  • Ate a tasty pie/Schemed intently/Learned to soar/Cleaned the floor/Heard a song.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to imply some aggressive action, like 'started a fight'.
  • Went for a walk/Started a war/Loosed a mighty roarSettled the score/Counted to four.
    • Dororan: That doesn't really fit. It needs to be three syllables long.
  • Marched to battle/Initiated a battle/Commenced fisticuffs.
    • Missing Dialogue

Correct Response

  • Swept to war.
    • Dororan: 'Who then, in face of madness, swept to war.' At last! It's done! It's finished! My finest work! Thank you so much for your help!
    • Player: Are you ready to present it to the chieftain?
    • Dororan: What? No! I'm a writer, not a performer. I think the chieftain would respond best to one of his people. Perhaps you could ask Gudrun to recite it to her father?
Dororan gives you the poem.
  • I'll get right on it.
    • Closes dialogue
  • This had better be the last time.
    • Closes dialogue

If talking again with Dororan before talking to the chieftain

  • Dororan: My poem is terrible, isn't it? The chieftain will probably have me killed.
  • Everything will work out.
    • Closes dialogue
  • I expect so.
    • Closes dialogue

Sending the Poem[edit | edit source]

  • Gudrun: What have you got there?
  • Player: Another gift from your mysterious suitor.
  • Gudrun: A scroll?
  • Player: It's a poem; a story to convince your father to settle down. You could recite it to him.
  • Gudrun: Let me see that.
You show Gudrun the poem.
  • Gudrun: 'Gunnar's Ground.' Yes! I think this could work. I'll go to the longhouse right away!

Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

(Cutscene opens)

  • Dororan: How long have they been in there?
  • They're just starting.
    • continues below
  • You're late.
    • continues below
  • Dororan: This isn't going to work.
  • Possibly Missing Dialogue options
  • Dororan: What was I thinking? You should go in there and stop them before Gudrun makes a fool of herself.
  • Okay, I will.
    • Dororan: No! Wait, stay here, it's too late now. We'll just have to see how it turns out.
  • Don't be silly.
    • continues below
  • Dororan: I can't hear what's happening. Can you hear what's happening?
  • Player: Gunthor is laughing at something.
  • Dororan: He's probably considering the various tortures he has planned for me.
  • Why would he do that?
    • Dororan: The poem says you can honour your ancestors by settling peacefully on the land they conquered.
  • Now you're just being ridiculous.
    • Dororan: He'll probably find it insulting.
  • Now's your chance to find out.(Cutscene ends)
  • You're doomed.(Cutscene ends)
  • Dororan: I hope they at least give me a decent burial.
  • Chieftain Gunthor: Freemen! Freemen! I have an announcement!
  • Kjell: Hear the chieftain speak! Hear him!
  • Chieftain Gunthor: We have always borne the legacy of our ancestors, and we have borne it with honour!
  • Kjell: FOR GUNNAR!
  • Chieftain Gunthor: And though we honour them still, the time of our ancestors is past. This is the time of Gunthor!
  • Haakon: FOR GUNTHOR!
  • Chieftain Gunthor: Gunthor says: This is Gunnar's ground, bought with blood! Let it remain Gunnar's ground forever! Here we settle! GUNNAR'S GROUND!
  • Haakon: GUNNAR'S GROUND!

(Another cutscene opens)

  • Gudrun: That was brilliant! I must know who wrote that poem.
  • Dororan: Um, that would be me. Hello.
  • Gudrun: That line about beauty was for me, wasn't it?
  • Dororan: Uh, yes.
  • Gudrun: You're the mystery poet who sent me the gold ring!
  • Dororan: Sorry.
  • Gudrun: I have no idea dwarves could be so romantic! Come here!
Gudrun kisses Dororan.
  • Gudrun: Papa was so impressed by Dororan's poem, he's made him the village poet!
  • Dororan: I'm more than a little surprised! He even gave me a house to live in!
  • Gudrun: Our people's tradition is that the tribe provides lodging for the poet.
  • Dororan: It's huge!
  • Gudrun: It's not in the village. It's east of here: across the river and north of the road on the way to Varrock. It's a big house with roses outside.
  • Dororan: I think Gunthor wants to keep me close, but not too close. Oh, I found something there for you! Whoever lived there before left a dozen pairs of boots in the attic. I picked out a pair for you to thank you for all your help. Underneath them all was this magic lamp. You should have it as well!
  • Gudrun: We're going to the new house. You should come and visit!
  • Yes, we'll see you there! (It is unclear where this fits in).
  • I'll see you soon.
    • Dororan: Goodbye!
  • 2. I'll consider dropping in.
    • Dororan: Goodbye!
    • Gudrun: Goodbye!

(Screen fades black in and out)

Congratulations, quest complete!