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This transcript or section is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: 1. to add dialogue before completion of Gunnar's Ground
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This transcript involves dialogue with Gudrun and the player.

Post Gunnar's Ground[edit | edit source]

Gudrun Hi!

Select An Option

  • I want to ask you something.
    • GudrunOf course, what is it?
    • Select An Option
      • How are things with Dororan?
        • GudrunI really like him. He's funny, vulnerable and nothing like my people.
          • Select An Option
            • You're going to stay together then?
              • GudrunOf course!
            • I want to ask about something else.
            • Goodbye.
              • GudrunOh, goodbye!
      • Where did this house come from?
        • GudrunI don't know. Papa said the previous owners left it to him. I don't know why they would do that.
        • Select An Option
          • Do you have a theory?
            • Gudrun Gunnar always said 'A warrior does not barter; he simply takes!'. I think papa bought the house, but doesn't want anyone to know.
            • (Shows the previous options.)
          • I want to ask about something else.
            • GudrunOf course, what is it?
            • (Shows the previous-to-previous options.)
          • Goodbye.
      • Did you like your present?
        • Gudrun Look at this ruby bracelet he got for me! 'With beauty blessed.' When I recited that line to papa, it took my breath away.
      • Goodbye.
  • Just passing through.
    • GudrunGoodbye.