Transcript of Guardians of the World (voyage)

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Tengu, The Memory, The Exile, Shanao, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Welcome back, everyone. My captains have discovered Kami-shima, at the furthest edge of The Shield. If they didn't know how to divine its location, they'd never have found it.
  • The Tengu: Do we have a plan?
  • Player: Davosi, Kakashi - whatever he's calling himself - I have to go and face him. For whatever reason, he wishes to kill me.
  • The Memory: No! You can't! You're the one person who CAN'T face him!
  • The Exile: She is right. It is what he wants. If you go, he will fire the weapn for sure.
  • The Tengu: You must leave this to us. Allow a dying hero his swan song. We shall not fail.
  • Player: We don't even know if this weapon will affect me. Guthix made me resistant to godly magics. You should know this better than anyone, Kami.
  • The Memory: You might resist gods, but can you absorb a planet's worth of energy? And what if Kakashi isn't converting it to magic? It could overload you with anima.
  • Player: Is that even possible?
  • The Memory: That's just it - we don't know what could happen. But if you go, we'll find out at the expense of the world. I'm[sic] won't ALLOW you to go!
  • The Exile: You have proven your courage many times over; allow me to show the courage you helped me find.
  • The Memory: We will have aid of the seasingers - they can keep Kakashi's fleet occupied while we land on the island.
  • The Tengu: And the Gu will send their warriors to fight beside us on the island.
  • Player: And what of the bloodrager and Kakashi?
  • The Exile: The bloodrager - *spit* - he is mine. I know not if I am ready for him, but the spirits of my tribe stand at my back.
  • The Tengu: And I shall face Kakashi once again. The scarecrow doesn't scare this bird!
  • Player: And the weapon?
  • The Memory: I...I will deal with it. I will try to absorb its power...or channel it back to its source.
  • The Exile: No! Little cub, it is too dangerous. I will not lose more family.
  • The Memory: It's MY decision. Why do I have to keep reminding you all? I'm not a child! This world created me to protect it, and that's exactly what I'll do - even if it kills me.
  • Player: And I'm not going to talk you out of this? Any of you?
  • The Tengu: Haha, no!
  • The Exile: No, challem.
  • The Memory: Not a chance.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: And besides, Shanao just reminded me - I drugged your drink. You'll be unconscious in a moment. Let's head to the ship!

After Voyage

  • The Tengu: Haha! It is done! Kakashi is defeated!
  • The Memory: And the weapon is destroyed!
  • The Exile: Kami-shima is safe once more.
  • Player: I can't believe you drugged me.
  • The Memory: We had to make sure you wouldn't follow us.
  • Player: Regardless, I'm glad you're all back, and safe. What happened?
  • The Tengu: It was a true battle of legend! We fought on sea, on the skies!
  • The Memory: The island itself came alive to aid us! Before our eyes sprang into being strange creatures to protect us, and to fight Kakashi and his mercenaries!
  • The Tengu: I know of these creatures from Gu folklore - they are shi-guardian lions! They were ferocious. Kakashi never stood a chance - his death was a great victory for justice!
  • Player: And the bloodrager?
  • The Exile: Captured. He will pay for his crimes. Carrying all my burdens made me stronger than I realised; the teachings of the Gu gave me the courage I needed to wield it.
  • The Memory: You would have been proud of her, World Guardian. She lifted him right over her head!
  • Player: The weapon?
  • The Memory: Destroyed! I managed to return its energy back into the island, but...some of it stayed with me. It's connected us all to Kami-shima.
  • Player: What does that mean?
  • The Tengu: The island has made us its guardians! Just being there has reinvigorated Shanao! He feels as spry as a young bird of eighty again! You should have seen him soar!
  • Player: I'm proud of all of you, but does this mean...
  • The Memory: Goodbye? No, silly. We'll all still visit! Who else is going to keep an eye on you?
  • The Exile: And where would I be without the counsel of my challem?
  • The Tengu: And I'll always need someone to play pranks on!
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • Player: Hahahahaha! Oh, Shanao!