Dialogue for Guard (Leftie)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Guard (Rightie), Guard (Leftie), and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Guard (Leftie) or Guard (Rightie) at the gates of Jatizso, or on the Fremennik Isles while they are fighting ice trolls

  • Rightie: Are you all right? Leftie?
  • Leftie: No, I'm on the left.
  • Rightie: Only from your perspective. Someone entering the gate should call you Rightie, right Leftie?
  • Leftie: Right, Rightie. So you'd be Leftie not Rightie, right?
  • Rightie: That's right Leftie, that's right.
  • Leftie: Rightie-oh Rightie, or should I call you Leftie?
  • Rightie: No, Rightie's fine Leftie.
  • Player: Aaagh! Enough! If either of you mention left or right in my presence I'll have to scream! Can I come through the gate?
  • Leftie: Don't let us stop you.
  • Rightie: Yes, head right on in, [sir/madam].
  • Player: You said it! You said it! ARRRRRRRRGGH!