Dialogue for Guard (Clan Citadels)

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Talking to the Guard[edit | edit source]

May be any of the following at random

  • Guard: All secure, sir/ma'am.
  • Guard: Catch me later, Doc, I’ll buy you a beer.
  • Guard: Heading to the battlefield later, sir/ma’am?
  • Guard: Hope the day finds you well, sir/ma’am.
  • Guard: I love the livery colors your clan chose for this uniform!
  • Guard: If you see any loose chickens about, please let me know.
  • Guard: Pleased to report the citadel walls are in good shape, sir/ma'am.
  • Guard: Standing by, clan member.
  • Guard: The Captain put me on perimeter detail again. I’m not good at heights.
  • Guard: Welcome to the citadel, sir/ma’am!
  • Guard: What a place! Makes you proud to be a guard in a fortress like this.
  • Guard: Orshan Ugthanki kilasas ma las nojre-quelto. Drezsha andraleme vol-renaj-kiraak ika eeli zesze.

While wearing a full chicken costume

  • Guard: Aha! Another! C'mere, chicky, I've a wizard paying a bounty per head on you!

While wearing a partial chicken costume

  • Guard: Are you trying to fool me? That's ridiculous!

While a dreadfowl is summoned

  • Guard: You found one! Avalani will want that chicken bac... wait, that's not a chicken! Aaaugh! Get it away!