Transcript of Grim Tales journal entry

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  • Sylas, a strange man south of Taverley, has something he wants to trade with me.
  • Sylas has asked me to bring him Grimgnash's Feather from White Wolf Mountain and Rupert's Dwarven Helmet from Rupert in the tower to the north-east.
  • I have found Grimgnash and need to tell him a bedtime story so he will fall asleep.
  • Then I can take the Griffin Feather to give to Sylas.
  • I have sent Grimgnash to sleep with my story. Now I can take the Griffin Feather back to Sylas south of Taverley.
  • I have given Grimgnash's Feather to Sylas south of Taverley.
  • I have found Rupert the Beard in the tower, north-east of Taverley. I should use the drainpipe to speak to him.
  • I need to think of a way to get into the tower to speak to Rupert. I should then tell him my idea.
  • Rupert has hung his beard down for me to climb. I should use it to climb up and speak to him.
  • Rupert has asked me to speak to Princess Miazrqa for him.
  • I need to find Miazrqa's Pendant, in the mousehole, in the Witch's House, west of Falador, and bring it back to her.
  • I have found Miazrqa's Pendant. I need to give it to her, so she will release Rupert.
  • I have given Miazrqa her pendant and she has released Rupert the Beard. Rupert has given me his helmet as a reward.
  • I have given Rupert's Helmet to Sylas south of Taverley.
  • Sylas has told me a very strange tale about Magic Beans and a Golden Goblin. I should ask him what to do next.
  • Sylas has told me that I need to plant the Magic Beans and see what happens next.
  • The Magic Beans grew into a huge Beanstalk! I should climb it to look for the Golden Goblin.
  • I gave the Golden Goblin to Sylas. He said I need to cut down the Beanstalk as quickly as possible.
  • I cut down the Beanstalk. I should probably go and speak to Sylas to let him know.