Dialogue for Gravingas

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This transcript involves dialogue with Gravingas and the player.

Before Ghosts Ahoy[edit | edit source]

  • Gravingas: Will you join with me and protest against the evil ban of Necrovarus and his disciples?
  • Player: I'm sorry, I don't really think I should get involved.
  • Gravingas: Ah, the youth of today - so apathetic to politics.

Possible exclamations[edit | edit source]

  • Gravingas: Down with Necrovarus!!
  • Gravingas: Rise up my fellow ghosts, and we shall be victorious!!
  • Gravingas: Power to the Ghosts!!
  • Gravingas: Rise together, Ghosts without a cause!!
  • Gravingas: United we conquer - divided we fall!!
  • Gravingas: We shall overcome!!
  • Gravingas: Let Necrovarus know we want out!!
  • Gravingas: Don't stay silent - victory in numbers!!